Chapter 9

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Ashton pov
I'm so glad to be done with my paperwork for the day. Now just to find Layla... "Layla?" I called as I entered our bedroom. There was no answer so I checked the bathroom and peeked in the closet. "Where is she?" I mumbled as I wondered out of the room. *Anyone know where layla is?* I asked through mindlink. One of my deltas responded right away, *She is in the basement gym, sir.* I thanked him and then headed down to the basement. When I opened the door I could hear AC/DC's Dirty Deeds playing and the thumping of fists hitting a punching bag. From the sound of the thumps it must be someone extremely strong. I growled at the thought of someone of that strength in here alone with layla. But as I rounded the corner I saw that it was Layla hitting the punching bag with unbelievable force, for a human. I couldn't help but be impressed by her strength, I don't know why I underestimate her strength. She is by far the strongest human I know. She turned for her towel and finally noticed me standing there, her already flushed face got even redder. "I think I want you to start training." I stated before she could say anything. "Seriously? That would be great!" She responded. You could see the excitement that lit up her eyes as she wiped the sweat from her brow. I don't know how but, even after a workout she is by far the most attractive woman I've ever seen.
Layla's pov
When Ashton mentioned training I couldn't help but love him even more. I feel like on top of affection, he respects me also. Feeling this rush of emotion, I couldn't keep it to myself. "I love you," his eyes lit up with surprise and joy as he responded, "I love you too kitten"
"Wanna go for a walk," I asked, wanting to spend time with him. "Sure," he responded happily. We grabbed hands and headed out.
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