Chapter one

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Layla's pov.

When I arrived in America I expected humans everywhere, but I found out it's just as bad as England. Human in hiding and werewolves roaming free. Now that I'm here, I am in need of refuge among the surviving humans. Two human boys, named john and Sam, have found me and we are now in the only surviving human territory. I am the only female, all the others have found their werewolf mates. The only downside about where I am is right outside human territory is the castle, inside the castle lives the alpha king. The alpha king has not found his mate, it is not uncommon for a werewolves mate to be human. Since I am new, none if the werewolves know about me. For that, I am glad. The humans have a large farm for everyone to tend to, harvesting the crops is one of the easier jobs and since they perceive women as weak, that is now my job. Once the work day is done I make john and Sam dinner, and then we entertain each other till bed time. It's an everyday cycle that I have come to love. A little way into the wood on the human territory is a lake. Half of the lake is on our territory and it is beautiful. In the village where we humans live is a large clearing. This clearing is filled with many, many cottages. Wild flowers surround the house I live in with john and same. For the moment, that's human life.

Ashton's pov.

"Sir we have news that the war in England has been win," announced jack, my beta. "That's wonderful news, any females?" I asked, "Well there was one woman, her husband was killed in the war, she went a little crazy so we had to capture and sedate her, she had a daughter but she disappeared somewhere!" "Did she leave any hints?" "Not really, all she left was a note saying that we were heartless monsters, and that we took both of her parents," he said sadly. "Well, the poor girl is probably scared and angry, why would you take her mother with you right after she said her father was dead? ugh, any siblings?" I asked annoyed with their uncaring and sloppiness, "No, nobody she could go to she is all alone," he said shamefully. "That's it I want everyone on that team in my office in five minutes and that includes yourself!" I yelled as I started a timer for five minutes. "Yes sir," he said, keeping his head down.

*Five minutes later*

"All right men, I assume you know why your here?" I bellowed, loud and clear, "Yes sir, we are here because we took a young girls mother right after informing her of her fathers death, by doing that we left her by herself and with nobody to help her," they all responded at the same time. "Correct men now I expect you all too-" "Sir sorry to interrupt, but we just got a tip that the humans might have a new female!" "All right, get our human on the inside, Sam, to bring her to the collection spot, without her knowing, we don't want a struggle!" "Yes sir!

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