Chapter 11

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Layla's pov
   As the darkness clouding my mind began to fade I could smell... Vanilla? The sweet scent filled my nose and made me wonder even more where I was. As the memory of getting hit  rushed through my mind I was even more shocked by the soft bed, the silky sheets, and the relaxing vanilla scent.
     I finally opened my eyes and pushed the blankets off. I looked around the immaculate room and it only furthered my confusion. I stumbled over to the door and exited the room. I wandered the halls of what seemed to be a hotel until I came across what appeared to be a front desk. I rang the bell and an older gentleman with thinning brown hair came to the desk and smiled at me charmingly.
"Hello sir, this may seem like a weird question but, where are we?" He chuckled lightly at my question and replyed,
"Well young lady we are in London and from the way you had to be carried in here last night, not so surprising,"
"Wait, I'm in Europe? I thought I was in America..." I mumbled my thoughts to myself as the old man chuckled again and shook his head.
    I journeyed back to the room I woke up in and searched for a phone. I came across a phone and checked it, and saw I had 48 missed calls from someone named Ashton. As I said the name to myself, a gorgeous face flashed through my mind, as did many memories about werewolves and a handsome man that triggered feelings of love inside me. I pressed the call button and it rang once before I heard a deep voice speak,
"Hello?" the voice sent shivers down my spine as I heard a deep, sleep filled voice.
"Hey um, Ashton?" I stammered out through my sudden nervousness.
"Layla?" the sexy voice that appeared to belong to this ashton became alarmed.
"Yeah, I think?"

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