Chapter 14

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Layla's pov
The next few weeks passed quickly and without a hitch. I was introduced to the pack and although I didn't exactly have any besties I felt like everyone respected me on at least some level. The only thing that has truly been bothering everyone was the matter of ashtons father. Ashton has been more furious then anything but it's his mother I truly worry about. She is devastated but she she doesn't blame ashton, she blames his father. But besides the sadness over that situation, things have been calm... eerily calm...
I sighed happily thinking on the past weeks ashton and I have spent together strengthening our relationship. I dont think I've ever been happier. My mind went to last weeks dinner with my mom and ashton and smiled fondly at the thought of our little family.
The front door clicked shut, dragging me from my thoughts. "Hey Layla, I have a meeting with our border guards tonight so I may be home a little late is that cool?" Ashton asked coming to sit next to me on the couch. "Of course, we do have a pack to run" I replied flashing him a smile, but then I thought about what he said and asked, " you're meeting with border guards? Is everything okay?" "Yes lay everything is fine, just discussing new rounds" I sighed in relief that everything was still good. He kissed me once on the lips and once on the forehead and told me he would see me soon, a little after he left I went to the kitchen to heat me up some soup. I sat down at the counter and started happily slurping my soup, I heard the door open and started talking, "Hey ash, that was quick, want me to heat you up some soup?" Nothing. "Babe? Is everything o-" I was cut off by ashtons father stalking into the kitchen.

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