Chapter 12

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Laylas pov
With my memories being so fuzzy, I decided to investigate. So thats how I ended up looking at myself in the mirror. I started studying my facial features. My longish straight blonde hair, my swirling gray and blue eyes, a small nose and high cheekbones. I wasn't skinny but I wasn't chubby. I had an athletic build. A flat stomach and bigger thighs. I turned to the side. My butt was round but not overly large and my breasts were on the bigger side and perky. As I stood there still naked in front of the mirror, the door opened and a very hot guy who smelled amazing stood there staring with wide, dark eyes right at my breasts.

Ashtons pov
I had been frantically searching for Layla for 3 days when I was finally forced to sleep. After the first good nights sleep in a while, I was awoken by my phone ringing.
I finally made it to the location that Layla provided me with and followed her scent to a room. I opened the door was stunned to see a very naked layla standing there. I couldn't help it as my eyes drifted along her curves and finally rested on her plump breasts. In two strides I was in front of her kissing her. She pulled apart and looked at me with realization in her face.
"I remember you, I remember us" she whispered squashing my fear.
"Do you remember how u got here?" I asked her. She thought hard and looked back into my eyes and said,
" thats the only thing i CANT remember" but I told her it didnt matter because she was safe and I couldn't help but remember her very naked body pressed against me. She looked into my eyes and nodded and we finally mated.

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