Chapter two

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Layla's pov:

"Hey Layla, can we take a walk?" Sam asked me, looking down shyly.
"Yea, sure Sam," I responded with a friendly smile. He smiled back and then started leading me to the lake.
"Why are we going to the lake? You know how dangerous that is!" I exclaimed, the cold feeling of fear flooding my mind.
"Relax, we'll be fine!"
"But, what if we're spotted!"
"Its fine, just trust me," he replied so calmly that I couldn't help but believe my friend. As we walked side by side in silence I listened attentively to the crunch of leaves under our feet as we walked.
"Would you ever betray me?" I asked randomly, his shoulders tensed suspiciously,
"N-No, why do u ask?" he stuttered.
"Because I-I'm scared... I'm not sure who yo trust and if I were captured by those monsters I don't think I could survive"
"What? Why?" he questioned, surprised,
"Because they basically murdered my dad in the war, and possibly my mom" I whispered, my voice thick with fear and despair, I continued, "I just don't think I could take anymore pain, especially not a betrayal" I said.
"Why don't we just go back? Yea lets go back!" he stammered as he started pulling me back towards camp frantically. As soon as he touched me I heard a thundering growl that filled me to the core with fear.
"I'm sooo sorry Layla!" he whispered, sounding sorry but I only glared at him in return with tears streaming down my face. As soon as he let go strong arms started pulling me away, dragging me further from my new home.
"No! Sam how could u do this to me? No, STOP!" I screamed as they pulled me away. "How could you do this to me?!?"
"Stop fighting me, kitten." a deep voice whispered in my ear.
"No get away from me!" I tried to hold my breath as they put a rag over my mouth but soon it became too much and I gave in and breathed in the chloroform fumes, then everything faded to black.

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