Chapter 6

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I woke up with a heavy arm wrapped around my waist, trapping me. I followed the arm with my eyes and saw it lead to the hunk of a werewolf who may not be all THAT bad. I started studying his facial features. His slightly crooked nose, full lips, long and dark eyelashes, high cheekbones and a godly jawline. He is perfection. I lifted my hand and started gently tracing his face. Seeing him this way made me think. Seeing him so vulnerable almost made me wanna stay this way forever. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said "your lurking, babe" so of course me being the sarcastic wierdo that I am responded with "well, lurkers gotta lurk" he burst out laughing, and not just a chuckle, no, a full on, gasping for breath, laugh. The twinkle in his eye made me smile, All of a sudden I felt the need to blurt "I wanna give us a chance" he looked shocked and asked if I was serious
"of course I am, your not who I thought you were and I have really begun to like you" then he made a whoop sound that made me giggle... He is a pretty alright guy

Ashton's pov
She is giving me a chance, like a real chance to be real mates... I think I just shit myself... Well... Not literally, that would be gross. The only problem now is that because she accepted me... She has to meet my pack and... *gulp* my parents...

Sorry it's short...

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