Chapter 13

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Layla's pov
The frustration became overwhelming as I strained to remember what had happened. Its been three days since we got home and my memory is still hazy in some places. I could feel a pulsing begin in my temples as I tried over and over to remember what happened. I finally gave up with a huff and left the bedroom. I padded downstairs and into the kitchen, where the smell of chocolate emanated from the oven. I stepped into the kitchen and was thoroughly suprised by Ashtons mom leaning beside the oven.
"Oh hello, Ashton didnt tell me that you were coming" I said wrapping my rob tighter around myself.
"Oh yeah his father wanted to surprise him so we didn't call, sorry if we are intruding.."
"Oh no no no I was only surprised, it's a pleasure to have you guys over" I stuttered out.
"Wonderful" she said, smiling,"then you can help with the rest of the brownies," I flashed her a grin and walked to the sink to wash my hands
Ashton's pov
I was not happy to step into my office and see my father standing in front of my desk. I scowled at him while walking around to the other side of my desk and lounged into my chair.
"What do you want father?" I asked, leaning back into my soft, leather chair.
"You know what I want son."
"Well that is never going to happen" I growled out the words, anger filling my veins.
"Turn that human you call a mate" he said with immense disgust on the word human.
"You know that I won't, she may not survive, few do, and I will not risk my mate like that" I spoke with a deadly calm.
"If she dies then she was not fit to rule" he said, casually.
"Leave my home and never come near my mate again, if you try anything, I. Will. Kill. You." I bellowed, fighting the urge to rip out his throat. He leveled a glare at me and then turn and left. I was breathing heavily, fighting the urge to shift as I heard footsteps padding up the stairs toward my office and her scent washed over me. As the door opened, I was calmed.

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