Chapter 7

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her outfit above

layla's pov

For some reason ashton is been acting VERY nervous... It is kinda making me nervous too, which is ridiculous because i dont even know what im nervous about! Since i was distracted by my thoughts i didnt notice the strange couple standing in front of me until i bumped right into them. "I am so sorry", i apologized, hoping to not embarres myself.
"It's alright dear", the woman said kindly, i looked over at the man and noticed two things. One, he looked EXACTLY like ashton, but older, and two, he had a fierce glare on his face, which was directed towards me.




Ashton had now explained to me that i need to meet the pack today, so i headed upstairs and put on, as ashton called it, 'an appropriate luna outfit'. (in pic above) and headed downstairs... time to face the wolves... Literally

As I walked down the stairs I tried to calm my nerves. They can't be that bad. His mom seemed nice enough but his dad... Not so much. As I came into the living room, I noticed it filled to th brim with people.I started sweating nervously at the sight of this many people. I immediately walked over to Ashton and he wrapped his arm around my waist. By now everyone was staring at me. Most with kind looks but a few older men, including his father, were giving me dirty looks.
"Everyone, this is your new Luna, Layla, you will treat her with respect," as Ashton said those words, his father jumped up in outrage. "How can that little HUMAN be Luna? She is weak and will only slow down the pack!"
"She is not just any human! The moon goddess made her my mate for a reason!" Ashton yelled back, face turning red with rage. They continued going back and forth until I had enough. "Enough!" They both stopped and looked surprised that I was the one to say it. As I pointed at Ashton's father I said "you! I was made Ashton's mate and there is nothing you can do about it. Yes I am human but, I will stand beside Ashton and help him to the best of my ability," Ashton's mom smiled at me and put a hand on her husbands shoulder while saying,
"I think she will make a wonderful Luna,"
"turn her," everyone gasped as those words came out of Ashton's fathers mouth. Some nodded in agreement while others looked at him in disgust.
"You want me to cause my mate that much pain just because you have a problem with her being human? Ha, I guess you DO have a sense of humor," ashton laughed a humorless laugh.
"if you don't turn her, someone else will," his father threatened as he stormed out. His mother mouthed "I'm sorry" as she followed after him. Ashton was seething so I put my hands on his cheeks and made him look at me. " Calm down," I said gently, "No one is going to hurt me, I'm fine." And as the pack watched me calm him, most of the glaring wolves from before gave me respectful nods for how I handled the situation.

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