Chapter three

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Layla's pov

I woke up handcuffed to the bed. "Uncuff me you asshole, damn you!" as I screamed that, the door burst open and some guy, looking quite flustered, burst in.
"Why are you screaming?" he yelled, sounding worried.
"Cause you guys kidnapped me.... Wait, you look familiar. Have I seen u before?" i asked questioning him
"Well, yes kinda," he said sheepishly
"You were the douche that took my mother and probably killed her! Get away from me AHH!" I screamed, realization dawning on my face.
"No don't scream please I-" "What's going on here?" yelled one of the hottest guys I've ever seen as he burst into the room, frantic.
"He is the ass who killed my parents, let me kill him, let me!" I screamed as I tugged and yanked on the handcuffs so hard that it finally snapped and then I lunged at the guy that killed them and knocked him down. I started ripping out his hair by the handful and punching amd clawing his face until I was pulled of by the handsome stranger. "Stop it, let me go, let me at him!" I screamed, thrashing.
"Calm down kitten, I don't want you to kill Theo," the man chuckled.
"Who are you?" I asked, being slowly calmed by the hottie whispering in my ear.
"My name is Ashton, sweetheart and I am your mate."
"No! You guys are monsters, you killed my parents!" I screamed as I thrashed around in his hold. "Kitten you need to calm down or I might have to sedate you!" he said warningly.
"No! let me go!" I felt a prick on the back of my neck and everything went black, again

Ashton's pov

She went limp in my arms as I looked over at theo, who had bald spots from where my mate had ripped his hair out, he also had bruises amd scratches all over his face. "Ha you got your ass kicked!" I laughed at him. "Great now the luna is never gonna like me!" he said jokingly but with real worry in his eyes.
"Probably not, but can u blame her?" I said with a joking tone but with some seriousness
"No" he admitted, pouting.

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