2. Secrets

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• Y/n - your name

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
       We decided to do the article on the vigilante Batman since I knew about it and Y/n liked the idea. We worked until the sun was beginning to set. "We finished a lot today," Y/n said. "Maybe we can finish the writing part up tomorrow then I can do a picture of Batman, and I can type it up on the school computers."
       "You can do the picture. I can type it." I offered.
       "Really? That would be great." Y/n smiled.
       "Yeah," I said as we put our books back in our bags.
       "I should really get going," Y/n told me.
       "Okay, be careful walking," I responded walking her to the door.
       "I will; see you tomorrow Damian," she waved as she walked away.
       As soon as she was gone I went to find Bruce. I told him what I had found out about her at school and we changed into our costumes and followed her while Tim ran checks on the information I received.
      Y/n turned onto a barely lit street with many vacant apartment buildings. She passed an ally between two apartments and 5 men came out. They were dressed like the Riddler's henchmen. Y/n pretended not to notice at first and kept walking until she reached a pile of skinny metal poles from a broken gate. I wanted to stop the Riddler's men but Bruce stopped me.
       "Wait," He said.
       "Hey, Robin the information you got is correct. Y/n's father does work for the Riddler." Drake's voice came over the earpiece. Just then the Riddler's men attacked.
       I wanted to help but Y/n didn't seem to need it. She set down he bag next to the broken gate and turned around. As soon as one henchman ran towards her, she kicked up one of the poles and caught it with her left hand. She used it to block the first attack and pushed against her aggressor. She kicked him in the face before back hand-springing and grabbing another pole. Y/n ran towards the second goon and swung both poles in the same direction before hitting the man in the shoulder and back. He howled, probably from a broken bone, by the looks of the force he was hit with. Y/n kicked another in the stomach before swinging her leg around and kicking the back of his head. The fourth one was harder to take down. The henchman grabbed her arms stopping her from hitting him or kicking him because she would lose balance. The fifth one came up behind her, trying to sneak up on her, but she heard him and used one foot to kick him in the chest before pulling her arms away from the fourth henchman and whacking him in the back with the poles. "I'm never working for him and you can tell him that if you can still move later," Y/n growled at the bodies groaning and lying on the ground.

~~~Bruce/Batman's point of view~~~
       Y/n had lasted a long time in the fight and was barely tired by her appearance, but she had let her guard down too soon. The fifth henchman came back and was about to hit her in the head, but Robin had jumped on him, pushing him to the ground and knocking him out. Unlucky for him Y/n had heard something behind her and had grabbed a pole, ready to swing it like a bat. It was time for me to intervene.
       Just as Y/n swung towards Robin I jumped down and caught the pole. The force from the pole was great, if she had hit Robin he could have broken a bone or been knocked out.
       Y/n looked up and dropped the pole, stumbling backward. "I-I'm sorry I didn't want to hurt them or Robin," she apologized.
       "It's fine I watched everything, you were defending yourself and you thought that Robin was one of the enemies," I grunted.
       "So you're not going to turn me in or arrest me?" She asked.
       "No," I confirmed.
       "Where's your guardian?" Robin asked. Y/n's eyes widened slightly at his voice. 'Did she find his identity just by hearing his voice?' I asked myself.
       "My mom's dead and I wouldn't trust my father with anything, especially not my protection." Y/n said with a hint of guardedness in her voice.
       "Why not?" I asked.
       "Because he's a drunk and he works for the same man that sent them," Y/n pointed at the unconscious men.
       "Why haven't you reported it?" Robin asked.
       "If I reported him I'd have nowhere to go. I would be put in the orphanage or the foster system. I wouldn't be able to go to school, Cinnabon." Y/n whispered the last word.
       Robin's eyes widened. "How did you—?"
       "You really think I wouldn't be able to recognize your voice after talking to you all evening Damian?" Y/n sighed quietly. "And if you're Robin that must mean your father is Batman and your brothers are the other vigilantes. Is that correct Mr. Wayne?" She whispered.
       "Hmm," I grunted. Y/n's skills were impressive. "What if you came to live with us? You already know our secret and we know yours. All you have to do is turn in your father."
       "That's a really kind offer," she sighed, "but I don't know enough about you all. If you give me some time to learn more about you then maybe I'd accept, that is if the offer remains open."
       "It will," I assured her, "Just be careful, and if you need anything, come to us. We'll be ready when you are. Also, don't tell anyone about what you've learned."
       "I wouldn't even think of telling your secrets. I have them too, remember? See you at school Robin." Y/n waved and picked up her bag before continuing her walk back home.

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