Chapter One

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1.Yes, Karla and Karly have the same amount of letters, I originally spelt Karla differently then changed it

2. I changed Hayes birthday in this book. I know it's June 8th.

3. Be aware this book was written when I was 12 (as of 2018 I'm 16 and rewriting things in the book).

4. I don't care about misspelling don't correct me.

Karla's POV

I sat on my bed as my room mate yanked at my hair. She twisted it and twirled it and made my scalp ache.

"Ouch you're hurting me" I whined.

"Well do you want a French braid or not" snapped my room mate Kyra.

Kyra is like my older sister, she is thirteen and I am seven. She takes care of me and does my hair. She's like the mom I never got to have. We've spent all day and everyday together, for the past couple years.

Kyra and I have been room mates for two years now. I came here when I was five, my mom and dad died in a car crash. Kyra came here when she was five, her dad was a bad man and killed her mom and he was arrested, that's the story she tells me. She also tells me stories when I cannot sleep at night.

I could never imagine my life without Kyra, but I really want to be adopted. I want a nice family that has a pool, lots of toys, and a big t.v. I want little brothers and big sisters, just like kyra. Hopefully my new mom and dad can adopt Kyra too. Mrs. Jourdan explains to me that we can only pray for a blessing like a family, and that's why Kyra and I pray together every night.

**Taylor's POV**

It's official, I have my own house. Well kinda I share it with my friends Nash, Cameron, and Matt. I'm finally independent and on my own with my best friends.

We moved into a blue three story house with a under ground pool in California, everyone's dream right?
I can't tell you how amazing it is to live with your best friends in the beauty of California, it's my dream come true.


I sat on the new white Ikea couch in our newly painted living room. The couch was hard and uncomfortable, with four boys I assume it won't be long until it's broken in. I turned on the small T.V that Cam's mom gave us as a house warming gift.


These poor young girls with bad history are looking for new family's that can provide them a new brighter future.

At Mrs. Jourdan's home for girls you can adopt the daughter or son you've always wanted, visit us today at 77890 Maple street.

*commercial ends*

Pictures of young helpless little girls and boys showed up on the screen. It's so sad that they have no one to help or love them. I've always wanted a child to raise as my own and give them a piece of my childhood that felt missing.

I walked into the kitchen where Nash and Matt were putting food into the silver fridge. I replayed the commercial over and over again in my head. Being myself I can't help, but go out of my way with ideas without pondering on them for a while.

"Hey, can we talk?" I stuttered pulling Nash, Matt, and Cam into the living room full of unpacked boxes.

"Can we make this fast I have things to do" Cam said crossing his arms anxious to finish unpacking. Unloading moving trucks all day yesterday and lifting furniture has been stressful for all of us.

"Well I was watching t.v and a commercial for an orphanage came up and I was thinking, now that we all live together and we have our own house maybe we could adopt" I hesitated, as soon as I heard that out loud it sounded ridiculous.

It took a lot to say because they all gave me the death glare. I regret this deeply now.

"I just want someone to take care of besides myself. I feel like I'm ready for something big like this." I tried to explain to them, but I only made myself sound crazier.

"I think that's a great idea! I have always wanted a kid!" Matt said jumping up and down in excitement. Clearly Matt isn't one for pondering on an idea either.

"Taylor are you serious? it's a big responsibility, it's a kid not a puppy." Nash said giving me a stern look.

"Guys, I'm sure I really want to do this and Matt agrees" In my head my bright idea was slowly turning into a nonsense idea, but the idea was already thrown into the air.

"I'm down with this" said Cameron. Cameron went on the explain that adopting a child would be an alright idea to help a kid that needs help and good publicity for our reputations.

I gave Nash a stern look. I could do this, it can't be anything different then taking care of my brother Tristan.
I would say I could make a great father after spending half Tristan's life baby sitting him and being a big influence in his life.

Even though this was a spur of the moment idea that was still up for discussion everyone was thinking the same thing; this would be a huge responsibility, but with four of us and the money we made from Magcon we could really give someone an amazing childhood.

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