sm ― 6

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" lost boy,
i've never heard
you say
my name
why is that? "

he said one cold night, the silence heavy and dangerous.

" you've never
said mine. "

i replied, speaking back to him for the first time in months.

i met him every night when the moon shone brightly onto the mountain, and he would wait in the same place everyday.

hyunjin looked older, thinner, his hair was longer and he had grown taller from when he first came to seek me.

back when we didn't want to die at the thought of not being with one another in happiness.

back when it was a simple 'i will free you.'

" i've thought
about you,
using your name. "

i held my breath.

" i'm afraid
that isn't the
same as calling
my name. "

" seungmin. "

as my hand lay in the cold grass, i not only felt the dirt of the mountain cry in anguish but the shouting of the moon light at their cruel fate centuries ago run through my blood as well.

the traveling boy would never know that the thought of him plagued by the thoughts of me, drove me insane.

" don't say
my name.
it will only
make me
want you more,
when we know
that can't be. "


more silence.

i heard his breath hitch and the sound of whimpers and tears, the reality was callous and unfavourable to forbidden lovers.

i heard the voice of the moon telling me not to submit to fates evil plans. to not let him win my heart.

but he already had one piece of my shredded heart, refusing to let it go.

" hyunjin. "

goodluck y'all, it's reaching the darkest point. look out for hints.

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