hj ― 4

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I don't remember falling asleep, nor do i remember the lost boy being so pale.

it seemed as though the moon was still shining onto his skin, his sunskissed face was now ghostly pale.

he said he was tired, but couldn't sleep.

his voice was low and gruff, no longer sounding soft or angelic.

he stood up, gently caressing my head which had slept upon his shoulder the night before.

the lost boy was so cold the day before, now he was burning hot with fire.

and i was cold.

he looked out into the forest, the sun's rays peeking through the trees- no animals could be heard.

he opened his mouth to sing, like he did every day for the sun that shone high, nearing it's sleep.

but he longer sounded like the angels above.

his voice sounded like an ecstasy of love and lust, like a stabbing wound of loss and grief. he sounded amazing, but far from heavenly.

his voice felt different.

" your voice... "

" i am no longer
the boy with the
angels voice,
for i have betrayed
the mountain and
taken his fate-
now all i am
is the boy with- "

get ready for the reveal of what tf has been going on

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