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Once upon a time, lived a boy deep in the woods on top of the northern mountains. he had been kept in the small cottage all his life never knowing why.

he was allowed to pick berries before sunset but had to be back before the sun disappeared behind the southern mountains for the night.

he had seen the village down below. watched as they released lights into the sky on the twenty second night of the ninth month, his birthday. heard the children he never grew up with laugh and squeal.

one day, a tall boy on a horse finds his way to the lake he picks his berries near.

deep in the forest where no one is allowed in.

seungmin had never been so close to another person besides his aunt before. he reaches out and touches the boys face to make sure he's real.

" who are you?
why are you touching me,
stranger? "

" to make sure you're
real and not
just a dream. "

im so hungry smh

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