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i waited for him to come back.

i promised i'd free him, but he never showed his face to me the next day.

he was no longer on the mountain, as the trees and the flowers began to wither. the animals left and the hill was dark even at the brightest hour.

the mountain had lost his life.

but a deep tugging feeling in my heart told me- that the lost boy wasn't free.

until the bright light of the moon shone down onto the river i waited beside for hours. it glistened like the diamonds i saw the lost boys eyes and flowed softly like his dark brown hair.

i saw him walking up to me, through the darkest parts of the forest. he was pale and ghostly. but he walked with elegance and poise of a regal golden lion, his plain clothing looking silky and free, lightly framing him.

he smiled,

an empty,


dead smile.

but it was beautiful.

horribly beautiful.

and then i realised.

" lost boy,
i think i've
fallen for you.
in the short time that
we have met,
you've captivated me
in ways i don't understand.
i came to you
for your freedom,
but you stole
my heart instead. "

the lost boy stilled his smile into a flat line, as he looked away from the flushed boy to stare at the moon.

" what a shame,
looks like you'll die
without me giving you
my heart in return.
here it stays
in the palm of my hands.
you'll regret opening it
to me-
when our fate says
we can never be together. "

y'all are gonna hate me soon

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