hj ― 3

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Me and the lost boy spoke for hours, i was trying to find a way to free him.

the sun had set and my eyes began to close and his face paled.

this was around the time where the lost boy would stop singing as the night fell upon the village. but he didn't leave, and stayed with me.

he asked me about the children that he heard laugh and cry, he asked me about the lights we let free on the twent second night of the ninth month.

they are the lights we let out for the mountains, to thank them for the water by the stream, for the trees for our houses and fire, for the food we live on.

the night deepened and my eyes began to droop and i lay onto his cold shoulder, he looked up at the moon and let it's light shine onto his skin.

" i've never seen
the moon
so bright before,
the place where i sleep
shades me
from the moonlight. "

" why must
the moonlight be kept away
from you?
my mother said that
only dark spirits need to be
shielded from the light. "

it's gonna get a bit dark hehe

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