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dear hyunjin,

it's 2018.

100 years, since fate broke us apart.

50 years since you left the world, without a smile. you went insane, while i went empty.

and here i sit, every night- in the place you sat once upon a time.

with you never beside me.

but i'll never forget you.

your smile.

your laugh.

your eyes.

the only regret i have?

to have never felt your lips,
against mine.

i don't even keep track of all the letters i've written to you, the letters i never sent and the letters i never finished.

the letters you never read.

things have changed.

the village was demolished, now stands a city. of tall buildings built with metals and glass.

but the mountain stands.

your children's, children and their soon to be children look after the mountain. a charity is what they call it.

'limerence foundation.'

you wrote a book about us, and your people read that book. they protect this mountain and all it's stories. people call us a sad love story, forbidden lovers and a disappointing ending of fate.

they'll never understand the pain i feel everytime i read your stories. knowing what inspired them.

i'll be the only one to know, that with every page you wrote, the more insane you grew.

you gave them all a devastating ending, an ending which you never got the chance to see.

i can never be free, i can never die.

so, i sit here. on this mountain of endless possibilities, remembering you.

never being able to forget the way you made a lost boy feel.

limerence, is a scary feeling. wouldn't you say?


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