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hyacinth was abeautiful, youthfuland lover of the god apollo,though he was also admired byzephyrus, the west wind

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hyacinth was a
beautiful, youthful
and lover of the god apollo,
though he was also admired by
zephyrus, the west wind.

apollo and hyacinth
took turns throwing
a discus.
hyacinth ran to catch it
to impress apollo,
but he was struck
by the discus
as it fell to the ground,
and died.

a twist in the tale
makes zephyrus responsible
for the death of hyacinthus.
he was obsessed with
hyacinthus and never wanted
to process that he
could never have him.

his heart was in pain
and it cried for his beauty,
so much that the thought
of his love not meant to be
made him insane.

he couldn't fathom
why fate had bewitched
his precious hyacinthus
to never be able to be with him,
so you would think
he would watch from afar
and protect him in the shadows.

however his beauty caused an
unspoken feud of fate
between zephyrus and apollo.
jealous that hyacinthus
was destined to the
the radiant apollo,
zephyrus blew apollo's discus
off course
and killed hyacinth.

when hyacinth died,
apollo did not allow
hades to claim the youth;
rather, he made a flower,
the hyacinth,
from his spilled blood.
the tears of apollo
stained the newly formed flower's petals
with the sign of his grief.

zaphyrus's love never stopped.

pay attention to the obvious, right?

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