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We sat in silence again last night.

the cold air pushing his hair out of his face while he sat there unfazed.

his eyes were cold and emotionless, his skin kissed by the moon, his lips in a thin line, his chest not moving- he wasn't breathing.

i looked down at my own chest, laying my heart on my chest; feeling it thump.

i felt his eyes on me as a dark, cold, empty feeling grew in my stomach, weighing me down.

i took in a deep breath as i felt his scorching hand touch my cold one, the winter wind seemed to disappear around me replaced with a hot summer's haze.

and for the first time in months, i heard the voice i thought about every second of every day.

" are you cold, hyunjin? "

i took in another deep breath, watching both our hands slowly move up with my chest.

" yes, are you dead seungmin? i've grown, i'm now 27 years of age, yet you look the same as when i was 18. "

he removed his hand and looked away again, i missed his eyes already.

" yes, i died many years ago; but fate refused to let me go. if only i was never given to the mountain, if only you were born centuries before. maybe we could be together. "

is this dragging on? should I skip it forward??

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