hj ― 2

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i always asked why no one looked for the lost boy, everyone said they were scared of the witch. and that even if they did find him, they couldn't take him back, he was the life of the mountain and belonged there for eternity.

however curiosity will be the only thing that can reveal a secret worth being known.

i ventured into the mountains, where i was met by the witch.

every secret must be revealed at a price of the revealer, she said.

the lost boy was a prisoner, help captive by the mountains loneliness.

i would set him free.

i gave her my gold, my silver, my horse; but she asked for my happiness.

i could save the lost boy, but never be happy.

a price i will pay, the let the lost boy with the angels voice be free.

" happiness is all
i ask of you boy,
then you can set
the one you seek
free. "

" my smile
is not worth
the angels voice held by
the selfish greed
of the lonely
northern mountain. "

still hungry but meh

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