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10 years later

" hyunjin!
it's your
wedding day! "

" yes mother,
i'm aware.
shouldn't you be
with my
wife to be? "

the very word bride made his stomach feel heavy.

" i'm just excited!
i always thought
you'd never get
round to marriage.
you were always
up in the
and so distant most your life,
why did you
suddenly stop going? "

" i don't know
what you mean...
it wasn't all the time. "

" don't be daft,
you went every
single day
for over 30 years!
and then you suddenly
stopped going!
how long
has it been
since we moved
away as well,
eight years? "

hyunjin smoothed out his suit, and looked towards the window. the warm july sun against a clear blue sky.

memories of a young boy filled his mind, the young dead boy.

hyunjin hated the thought of going back to see the eighteen year old looking spirit, as a unwillingly-married 42 year old man.

he would never go back.

even if it killed him.

" ya... "


" dearly beloved,
we are gathered here,

on july twenty second,

in the presence
of these witnesses,

to join this man and women
in matrimony
commended to be honorable
among all;

and therefore
is not to be
entered into lightly

but reverently,
lovingly and

if any person
can show
just cause
why they may not
be joined together -

let them speak now
or forever hold
their peace. "

a cold wind blew, and hyunjin let it blow through his hair. his eyes rimmed with tears and he tried to conceal them by looking up into the sky.

hyunjin thought maybe he was going insane,

because in the darkening clear sky,

he saw the moon.

have you noticed a change in writing style? Not the layout or the font, but the conversations. also it's 1918, keep this in mind.

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