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it was always silence now.

years have passed, he grew older. i stayed the same. he grew wiser, i stayed the same. he never moved on, and neither did i.

nonetheless he came everyday.


and we sat close together, his shoulder broader.

it made me wonder, why he would always be here. why he always came back, when he knew i could- we could- never be.

it upset me that because of me he was suffering. i could feel the want in him, the greed for love.

love i could never give him.

" hyunjin. "

hyunjin flinched, the small hairs on his arm stood up.

" leave
and please
don't come
back. "

he held his breath.

" but,
i love
you. "

i sighed.

" no
don't. "

many heavy seconds passed, and i looked at the thirty year old who had tears streaming down his face, as he stared at the eighteen year old looking seven hundred and thirty six year old.

" i- i do.
i love you
so much
that it- "

seungmin didn't want him to say it.

" if you love me,
go get married.
go have a beautiful
child. grow old.
die happily! "

hyunjin didn't know how to respond, because-

is this book ending soon :0

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