Ika-23 Kabanata

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Mark Robert's POV

Goodness! muntik na siyang masubsob sa dashboard. She's really out of her mind. Hindi niya ginamit yung seatbelt. That girl.. Ang sakit ng tenga ko dahil sa sigaw niya.

Now she's crying because I shouted at her? She's really irritating. Ugh!! but I don't like to see a girl crying in front of me. For Cheese sake!

Well I need to hurry up. Kailangan na namin puntahan si Mom sa mansion. Kakausapin pa niya kami.. Alam ko naman na the honeymoon thing yung paguusapan. Why I can't resist my mom?

Nasabi ko na rin pala dito kay Jesse na pupunta kami Kay Mom. I can see her face shocked.

I turned on the ignition again but before I drive, I put Jesse's seatbelt into place. And mas lalo siyang nagulat. Tsk....

Then I drove.

"Sorry Mr. Araneta." she cuts the silence.

"Sorry? For what?" I asked curiously. wala naman siyang ginawang mali maliban sa magpakasal sa akin.

"Sorry dahil naipit ka pa sa sitwasyong ito. at ako ang pinilit nilang ipakasal sa iyo." I glanced at her at malungkot siya.

Why my heart stopped beating after seeing her sad? Then parang nag slow mo ang paligid.

stop it Rob.!!!  Wag kang maawa sa kanya.....! I drove na lang and now we're in front of our mansion.

"Hi son and Jesse my daughter in law!" mom greeted us.

"Hello po Mom/Mom" sabay naming sabi.

Mom hugged Jesse and kissed her in the cheeks. Ugh! Hello, I'm your son Mom.


ugh! She ignored me?! Well. so nice. Pumasok na kami sa loob and dumiretso sa library.

Naupo na kami sa may sofa ng library..

"Well, Hijo and Hija. I'll get straight to the point." she paused

"what is it mom?" Me

"oh well son. You and Jesse will be having a 1 month vacation in our hometown in Ilocos Norte." excited na sabi ni Mom.

"What?/Ano po?" sabay naming pagkakasabi.

"Let me just explain first... cough*cough. .. since you two are married and we're getting old, we wanted a grandchild. So this vacation will be your honeymoon." straight to the point na sabi ni mom.


I looked at Jesse's face and she's really shocked about what mom said.

"But Mom I think Jesse is not yet ready for that." sabi ko para Hindi na matuloy.

tumango na lang si Jesse dahil Hindi siya makapagsalita..

"Please son and Jesse. that would be my only and last wish to both of you. I know that you are not in love with each other but sooner or later you will." my mom begged. Geezzzz. This isn't her...

"Sorry Mrs. Arane-- I mean mom.. I have school pa po and I think I can't do that." at last she speak.

"Don't worry about your studies, I already talked to your dean and chairperson and they granted my wish since I have shares in expanding the hospital  support of your school. And for sure, you can handle yourself with my son." she smiled at her

"But mom! I have business to do!" I exclaimed

"No buts. okay? For one month, Keith Joseph will act as the CEO. So you and Jesse can go to Ilocos. please don't fail me and your dad. I beg you."

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