Ikalawang Kabanata

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Mark Robert's POV

I'm here in the airport with my assistant and driver Mr.Ramirez. He's with me everytime I go to States or anywhere I go. He's like my second father as well. He took care of me when my parents aren't home. I guess, of course they were busy handling our businesses, no, THEIR businesses...

I looked at my wristwatch, it's 11:30 in the evening. I'm totally bored. I put my earphones in my ears and relaxed for the meantime. suddenly I gazed on Mr.Ramirez. He was actually holding a picture of a girl, well I don't care who she was, maybe his daughter. But curiousity strikes me and asked Mr.Ramirez..

"Ehem." I coughed softly just to get his attention. He was shocked and put the picture inside his coat.

"Who is she?" I asked him.

"Sino po yun Young Master?" he looked everywhere. I laughed at him.

"I mean, the girl in the picture." I smiled at him.

"Ahh. She's my youngest daughter young master." he smiled at me but I can feel his sadness.

"How old is she?"

"Mag-20 years old mamayang 12 am young master." I was amazed but I felt bad for him though..

"Oh I see.." I relaxed myself in the couch. "Is she not mad against you...? You know, you are not with her on her 20th birthday."

"Syempre young master medyo malungkot siya. Wala ako last birthday niya pati ngayon. Pero naiintindihan naman niya yun dahil para sa kanila rin naman itong ginagawa ko. This is my only job young master." he smiled. I really felt bad for him.


All passengers of flight N603Ai, Philippine Pacific Airlines going to United States of America is now boarding.

We are now boarding in the plane. Mr. Ramirez helped me with my luggage and proceed to the Business class where my secretary reserved our seats.

We still have 5 mins before the departure. I looked again to Mr. Ramirez. I heard him.

"Happy Birthday Baby Lei. Oo 3 mins na lang aalis na kami. Be good okay? I love you. Kiss mo ako Kay MAMA mo. Magenroll ka na rin.. Tatawagan ko kayo agad kapag nakarating na kami sa San Francis.... " he suddenly stopped talking when the stewardess told him to turn off his phone because we're about to go.

"ah Sorry Miss." he turned off his phone without saying goodbye to her daughter. He's face turned sad.

He really loves his family. He just need to accompany me because it is his duty. His daughter might envy me because I took his dad away from her. I need Mr. Ramirez by my side. I treat him like my father. I'm sorry Mr. Ramirez' family. I'm too selfish, I don't have choice.


"Young master.." Someone's calling me. I opened my eyes and saw Mr.Ramirez. "We have arrived in San Francisco." he smiled at me and feeling excited to get off the plane. Maybe because he wants to call his family again.

"Oh. Thank you." I smiled back.

I'm here in the lounge area waiting for Mr.Ramirez. He took our bags. It's getting late. Where is he??

"Ahm Sorry young master. You waited too long." Mr.Ramirez

"No, you are just on time." I lied. I saw his eyes cried.

"Tara na po Young master. yung car nasa labas na." he smiled at me.

He drove the limousine. I wonder if he already called his family in the Philippines.

"Ahm. Mr. Ramirez?.."

"Yes Young Master.?"

"Have y-ou.... I mean called your family.?" I looked at him in the rearside mirror and he was shocked.

"Yes young master. Sorry kung naghintay kayo ng Matagal sa akin sa lounge. Tinawagan ko kasi sila."

"No problem Mr.Ramirez..." I smiled at him. "Maybe I'll give you a vacation when we're back in the country." I looked outside.

"young master pero yung bilin sa akin ng parents mo. Hindi niyo na po kailangan yun."

"No. I would like you at least be with your family for a week. Maybe that will be enough."

"Thank you young master." He smiled and a tear forming in his eyes.

I'm happy for him. I know they need money to raise their needs. I think I made a right choice. I would like to meet his family someday. how they live..

I haven't noticed that we are already home. Me. Ramirez opened the door for me. I thanked him and get my bag. YES!. Finally I'm going to see my parents.

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