Chapter 10

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"Zach performing in five," the man who barge into Zach's dressing room said. I here shuffling in the room probably Zach. I just stand beside the door of the dressing room. Back against the wall leaning my head back. He told me I could come hang out with him and his friends in his dressing room but I refused. So I just stand here waiting for all this to be over. I can't believe I agreed. I don't even know why I did. Maybe the words when we're together were equal ring a bell? Shut up.

"What are you doing back here?" I hear someone say and look to see a man, kinda tall, kinda scary. He looks like he means business and the stern look he is giving me is intimidating.

I don't say anything which gives him more of a reason to think I'm trespassing. I just stare at him waiting to see what's he gonna do like at the moment I'm Lifewrecker's prize possession. "Security take this boy out he nots suppose to be here," he says gesturing to these really huge men.

The huge men at first put their hands on me and try to drag me out but I shake there hands off rather walking toward the exit. I squint my eyes at the man who caused this on my way out. "Wait, he's with me," I hear his voice say. The voice I wished I said no too.

I turn to look at Lifewrecker and he's smiling that smile. But in a split second I notices it fake not the ones he use to have with me. "This is Jack, and Jack this is my manager Will." He says gesturing me toward the tall man.

"Zach what did I tell you about being fans back here, it will cause drama," Will says glancing down at his watch. I just glare at him. Fan? Of Lifewrecker. Hell to the no. Maybe in bed though. Wait no where that come from?

"Actually he is one of the closest persons to me, known him since high school," Zach smiles patting me on the back. I notice he didn't say boyfriend or ex, because I know he is hiding the fact he's gay especially with that dumb girl Keilani. Are you jealous? No I don't like him.

"Well Zach you need to go on stage and here's a pass you need to have on at all times back stage," he says ignoring what Zach said and handing me some type of pass on a lanyard. Then he walks off.

"Jack I'm gonna go perform but after the show I want to take you to get ice cream like I said I was." He says hugging me. I don't hug back and runs on stage. Ice cream? Oh wait the note.

I watch him perform for a few minutes and notice every time he sings a certain lyric he looks my way. I just look away pretending to not see the smiles, the smirks, the winks and other gestures he sends my way. So he's been writing songs about me, good to know. I hum at the thought.

But I also notice the fans. Holy shit the fans, and there's SOOO many. But the screaming does get annoying so I decide to escape from Zach's "dream" like is this even reality? I also notice his friends Jonah and Corbyn eyeing me as I walk away from backstage. But I just shrug and do a slight nod to acknowledge them but thank god they didn't ask where I was going.

Once I finally get away from the stadium. From the loud noise. I manage to be in the city we're currently in. It's rather quiet since its late but people are still out since it's Saturday and a city.

As I walk my mind starts to wonder. Thinking about everything. Eventually though I finally sit on a park bench slouched over. Alone just how I like it. Well grown use too.

I love you, I just wanted you to know that. The random thought flashbacks to the note. Does he, did he mean that? He probably does but I feel like I can't convince myself that. I sigh sitting up and putting my head in my hands. Pulling on my curls. He gets me so frustrated.

I want him to treat me how he did in high school. Well how I did because apparently we switch roles and I'm the weak one. But I would still pound that ass. Haha Jack still think you're so funny.

But seriously should I give him a chance. I had to wait four years. That's not a long time, but to you it is because everything got handed to you. Yeah loves how to find. Some don't think it's real. But is it? I don't know anymore I use think it was but is it really?

Is love suppose to be painful? I don't know and wish I could stop thinking about it. But I can't. I just want to know if I should give him a chance. Like I need help, someone show me a sign!

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