Chapter 18

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~6 Months Later~

"Baby get you're hand off my ass," I hear Zach's morning voice say as I caress his butt, half asleep. He then wiggles around and turns to look at me.

I smile at him through heavy eye lids, "Good Morning, hottie."

"Good morning, babe," he mumbles still half asleep.

I scoot him closer to me feeling all of him as we lay nude in bed. His butt was poking out on the other side so I just had to slap it. What a fine ass he gots.

"Oww Jack, what the fuck you know my ass is sore." He said his eyes wide open now, his brown eyes playfully glaring at me.

"Daddy, dad.." our beautiful daughter Della Mack runs into the room and jumps on the bed.

"Hello angel," I smile at her as she sat in the middle of us on the bed.

"Wait why are you guys naked?" Her emerald green eyes looks at us with curiosity. Her chestnut brown hair falling in her face.

Zach quickly covers us with the comforter. "Angel are you excited for today!" I asked quickly changing the subject.

"Yes, you guys getting married and I throw flowers." Her adorable voice said.

"Yes darling and you get to wear that beautiful dress, Grandma got you." Zach said giving her a kiss on her cheek.

"Jack we're getting married," Zach enthusiastically said looking over at me.

I look back and give him a quick kiss on the lips. I then noticed Della had a confused look on her face. "What's wrong, Mack?"

"It's just dad called you Jack but last night I heard dad call you daddy like I do." She said confusion written all over her face.

I look over at Zach and he looked back at me. Shit. I nervously chuckle.


I wait for the music to play before I enter for one of the biggest moments of my life. I notice my family is here along with Zach and I's closest friends. I see Jonah and Corbyn in the front row. I see my sisters toward the middle and I see Zach's family near my sisters.

I also see Dani along with another girl. Probably his girlfriend. I'm kinda glad he's here I can't believe it took one phone call to change things. I gave him a second chance because before everything he was my best friend and since I gave Zach a second chance I felt like it was right to give him. So we're chill now.

Oh look the devil showed up. Oh I meant Jem, yeah like I still get a bad vibe from her but Zach is still friends with her. But I guess we should be chill since she has a girlfriend named Lyn now. And not trying to steal you're mans.

Music starts playing. "Are you ready?" My mother says.

"Yes," I say with a nod.

As I walk down, my beautiful daughter Mack throws flowers and Matthew, Jonah and Corbyn's son is the the ring bearer. The walk is slow but it just gives me more time to see my dashing future husband.

In a blink of an eye though I see Matthew grab my daughter's butt. Oh my god they're only five. "Son, we did not raised you that way," I hear Jonah shout.

"Yeah but he is you're son," I hear Corbyn whisper which causes me to laugh out loud. I mean like father like son.

"Dearly beloved. We are all hear gather today here today to join Jack and Zach here in marriage." The minister says as I stare into Zach's eyes. Then I think of the previous moment of Della and Matt. I burst out laughing and Zach's look at me wide-eyed.

Everyone stares and my ears grow hot. "Sorry," I mumble.


"You may now kiss the groom." The minister said. He didn't have to tell me twice.

I wrapped my arms around Zach and placed a long kiss on Zach's lips. Finally we're married.

"Yasssss. Jachary is real. I REPEAT JACHARY IS REAL. The ship is sailing." I hear no other than Jonah say. Man this guy is the real gay.

I then get picked up. And carried bridal style down the aisle. As we get to the doors of the church a car awaits us. I'm literally giggling the whole fucking time.

"Why couldn't we have rode the giraffe away," Zach whined as we got in the back of the car.

"Because with you're fat ass, we would break Gerald." I mocked.

"Wow, even when we're married you really know how to make my self confidence better." He pouted.

"Well you married me so now you have deal with it," I say sticking my tongue at him. Which unexpectedly he pulled with his teeth. Which led to a kiss with a lot of tongue.

"Just wait til tonight," I moved away from him and winked. I may have thought he ruin my life but turns out he just made it more interesting.

And that how it ends. So thank you all it's been a pleasure writing this two part series. I really do love my Jachary. But now that this is over I published yet another Jachary fanfic called Lover Boy. Go read it if you haven't. Also I started writing a Zaniel fanfic called Trust Fund Baby. So once again thank y'all and love you guys a lot.❤️

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