Chapter 6

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~1 Month Later ~

Tour has been rather great and we're just halfway done with the US part before we go on to the international part of the tour. I love meeting fans and enjoy sharing my talent with them. The support they give me makes me lose all the problems in my life like there is no where else I rather be. I smile at the happy thoughts. Ahh I've been doing that a lot as of recently, which is a good thing. I get out of bed and stretch. Oh yeah I'm in a hotel room too.

Today is an off day and we're in Oklahoma. And I may or may not requested an off day to just maybe see Jack. Even though it's not gonna happen. I was hoping that maybe it's fate for us to be together. Stop it dumbass with your hopes and dreams.

"Zach what are we doing today, I'm sooooo bored," said Keilani. I roll my eyes, like why did  I bring on tour?

"Yeah Zach what are we doing today we're sooooo bored," Corbyn mocked. Which I couldn't help but snort. Damn at least I got my friend with me on tour too. And girlfriend but could care less. Damn quit acting like a jerk.

"I don't know really but  you guys can do whatever you I'm just trying to sleep the day away," I say walking back to the hotel bed. Then the bickering began.

"How bout shopping?" Corbyn asked.

"No let's got to the park, it's so nice outside," Jem argued.

"I'm with my baby, I'm tryna blow all my money on him," Jonah added wrapping his arms around Corbyn and kissing his cheek. Ughhh I miss that. That's the downside of my best friends they remind me too much of Jack.

"Ohhh YES," Keilani shouted as she looked down at her phone smiling brightly, which made everyone turned to look at her.

"What," I say sitting up on the bed.

"So my childhood friend happens to live around here now and apparently there's this party today and she said we should go," Keilani rambled on as I got lost my thoughts again. I remember when I went to a party got drunk and got slapped which left a mark for about two weeks. Aww the beginning of our relationship. I frown at the memory coming back to me.

"I can't but you guys should go," I lazily reply laying back down on the bed. I'm so tired but I really can't go because my manager doesn't like me going out in public unless I absolutely have too. And when I'm desperate I go out to get food.

"Sure why not," Jonah said as everyone else nodded there heads in agreement.

Everyone started to get lost in there conversations so I just fall asleep as tiredness overcomes me.


I wake up to peace and quiet. I reach for my phone from the nightstand to check the time. It's 4:00pm. Damn I slept for 3 hours. Rubbing tiredness out of my eyes. I glance around the room. I notice it's dark from the curtains being closed and my friends not here. Well at least they left me alone.

I sit up against the headboard and turn the tv on. Getting on my phone, seeing what I missed. As the bright light from the tv fills the dark and sounds through the room. It's on a random channel but it's breaking news. That's when my full attention is on the tv as I read the headline.

"103 dead, hundreds injured in counting after a shooting on a college campus"

That's when I get curious and realize it's right here in Oklahoma. As I continue to watch and watch apparently there was 5 shooters who started to open fire all over the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

Wait a minute. My eyes widened as I realize Jack goes there. Is he ok? I hope so, I hope he didn't caught up in all of this. I start to worry as a lots fill through my head.

I need to know if he is ok. I hop out of my bed and open my phone screen. I scroll through my contacts as I pace around the room. I find the contact. Jack. My thumb hovers the call button. And I finally press it before I get to nervous to call.

As I listen to the dial tone my finger fidget as I still continue to pace around the room. After a few seconds the call ends. I know I didn't hang up and that it hasn't been long enough for it to hang up by itself so that can only mean one thing.

He didn't answer it. I throw my phones across the room. He never answers. I punch the nearby wall with my hand as hard as I can. I feel pain but that is not why the tears from my eyes are for. He still doesn't want me in his life and I don't even know if he is ok. He probably is ok but I can't accept that. I will get Jack Avery back and I promise to never leave him again.

So I want to start a new book in the future. Should it be Jachary or a new ship like Zorbyn or Zaniel? Any suggestions?

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