Chapter 7

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"Why?"I continue to hear Zane whine as I lay in bed. I literally was up all night listening to Zane whine about Chad. Chad. Met at the party. Had sex with. I can't believe it someone I barely knew but been closer than close, gone. Just like that.


"So what's your name," he asked as I lay in his arms with a massive headache. I barely remember last night, just blurry memories but basically I have understanding of what we did.

"Jack," I groan as the headache just keeps getting worst. He chuckles and brushing the curls out my face which I find soothing.

"My name is Chad," he replies as he touches my face, caressing it with his hand. He's being extremely soft about it and it feels nice like as if he cares. I crack a smile.

~End if Flashback~

After that it turns out him and Zane were friends which I didn't know that and just made me realize what a small world. Which I've never had a feeling of what that phrase meant but now I do because he's dead. Like I'm shook up about it because I barely knew him but somehow it's just in the back of my mind.

The shooting has caused everything to go quiet around campus and honestly I was asleep all through it happening until Zane came in and woke me up telling me that we had to barricade the door with the heaviest things in our dorm. Yep woke up real quick and a shooting. Those are becoming real popular these days.

But the thing was Zane mourned for his friend all night and I felt bad because I didn't care about any of it. With the exception of Chad. Like I wouldn't have mind to die. Really Jack, is that how you feel? Yes?

But what did keep me up all night was the fact Lifewrecker called. As soon as it rung and as soon as I saw the contact Lifewrecker. Yeah that's right I changed his name in my phone, yeah way better than hottie. I was hesitant to decline the call but I didn't want him back into my life and he didn't want that either. It's best for us to stay away from each other.

Welp time to get up. I walk over toward Zane's bed and hear him whimpering under the sheets. "Zane," I shake him.

He just continues to whimper but he hums for me to continue. "Zane it will be ok, they're doing a vigil and then they're giving us time to go home to our families. Don't you want to see your family?" I try to reassure him.

"You don't get it Jack," Zane says as he throws the sheets off him and sits up.

Zane continues on to say, "I loved him and I never got to tell him that." Oh shit, stuff just got real.

I don't know what to say but he continues to an unexpected rant which I don't have time for but I might as well be nice. I also pull him into an awkward hug of reassurance.

"I haven't talk to him in weeks and the last thing I said was see ya later Chad because I was so mad because he went on and on about a one night stand with some guy like I didn't know he was gay.

Wait a minute, I'm that guy. My eyes widen in realization as it all makes since. "Is that why you ask me if I'm gay, you wanted to know if you were too."

"Yeah and I'm sorry I just wanted to know if my little crush on Chad meant I'm attracted to guys and now I know. I just can't believe he's gone," he mumbled as he sobbed into my shoulder.

My eyes widen wider that it feels like my eyes popping out of head. Woah I done it with two guys who were in love each other. Wow I'm the worst human being in the world.

I honestly don't know what to say and I continue to hold him in my arms as I think. Then there is a knock on the door.

So a lot of people said Jachary or Zaniel for my new book sooooo....

Jachary or Zaniel?

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