Chapter 5

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My eyes flutter opened to the bright light from the window as the sun shined in. I groan at not wanting to get up but I know I have a couple classes today so I have to. As I remove the covers off of me I feel a little breeze and sit up on the bed. "Owh," I groan as I feel pain shoot up my lower back. That's when I finally realize I'm not wearing any clothes. I hear steady breathing beside me and see Zane laying shirtless beside me. Probably naked too.

I rub my eyes sighing deeply. I'm such a whore. The thing is when we were doing it I had no emotional connection to Zane. But he did give me pleasure and I haven't felt that good in a while so I just let him do whatever he wanted. I'm almost glad we did that, if only it didn't also make me feel like crying my eyes out that I just let him use me.

Bringing me out of my thoughts, my waist was grabbed and pulled close and I locked eyes with Zane. He smirked at me and said, "That was fun."

I roll my eyes and just shrug my shoulders. "You know this doesn't mean anything right," I reply coldly.

He just laughed at me and pull me closer digging his nails into my waist which for some reason thought was soothing. "Of course but we are so doing that again," he seductively whispered in my ear.

I roll my eyes, "maybe." Then I look at his nice chest and muttered under my breathe, " but you weren't even that good." I'm a real asshole now.

He then growled at me which kinda turned me on and dug his nails to my sides harder before trailing his hands down to my ass, giving it a squeeze. "You think your funny, but I bet I was the first one to ever put their dick in your ass," he bluntly said.

I blushed and looked down. It's true I'm the one who usually is on top but then again I've been with one guy. That's when I start to feel a tear and try to laugh off the pain.

"I'm your first," he asked surprised. I can practically feel the body heat radiating off him which makes me even more flustered.

"No it's just...." I trail off not wanting to explain my sex life. Oh look at these nice blankets. I play with a thread that's loose on the covers but I can feel Zane's stare.

"Oh I get it, you're the one that tops," he says laughing. I slap him in his chest as he is laughing so hard he is clutching his stomach.

That's when I get up like a bitch don't have time for this. "Hey by the way there is a party tonight you should actually come." He says as I stop and turn around to look at him laying in my bed.

"I never go to parties so what's it gonna make a difference?" "Plus it's a Monday." I add. This man has classes don't think I'm about to go to a party.

"Pleaseeee," he begs poking his lip out.

"No," I reply coldly.

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee," he continues to beg which is making me mad. don't fall into the trap Jack. But you never go to parties and all you will be doing is studying. I can't believe I'm arguing in my own head. Head haha which one.



So after my morning classes, I went back to the dorm and did some work for the classes. I almost forgot about the party until Zane came in yelling, "PARTYYY TIME."

He honestly scared me that ended up throwing my pencil at him nailing him the face. Ahh thank you basketball. I think you're thinking of the wrong sport. Shut the fuck up.

I got ready for the party but to be honest I was looking like a hobo with a sweatshirt and some baggy joggers with some slides with socks. Yep not attractive, exactly what you were going for Jack. I stand by the door waiting on Zane since he is taking me to the party.

When he finally gets ready he looks at me and stares. "That's what your wearing?" He asks giving me a once over.

"Yep and I'm not changing," I reply with a smile. More like an evil smile.

"Fine let's go," he sighs walking toward me as I open the door.


I've been looking for Zane for the past hour and still can't find him. I think we're at a frat house and the sad thing it's not even that big of a house but they're sooooo many people. I just wanna go home and have a mental breakdown. I feel people push me around as people all around me are dancing also the fact I'm short as fuck. I finally make it toward a table. I look down at the table to see chips and alcohol. Oh no. Jack be a good little boy.

I haven't had alcohol since high school and I refused to drink away my problems. Yep I've seen those movies where people become alcoholics and do bad things. But it's here now. Let lose Jack. I hate you with a passion brain.

I pick up a cup and pour some in. A little won't hurt just like high school. You can get a little tipsy. As soon as I take a sip of it, I taste that burning feeling again. It's been awhile but it brings back memories. Good memories when alcohol wasn't involved, oh hell no. So I drink down the whole cup. Then I refill it again and again. I don't know how long I stood at the table but the alcohol bottle is gone and I start laughing like crazy as I sway to the music I hear.

I'm smiling like crazy for no reason. I watch as the room is not as clear as before it feels like there is less and less people. Then I turn my gaze toward a beauty. Like damn he's hot. Brown hair and brown eyes. Has rosy cheeks but he just a little taller than me. He is dancing with a friend and laughing. I love his smile it reminds me of something but I don't know anymore. I'm just honestly trying to smash. Like he could definitely have this ass.

I don't know how long I've been staring also laughing but for some reason I gradually get closer toward him. He finally notices me as I stare from a few feet away from the dance floor. I probably look dumb as I just creepily stare at this guy with a hoodie covering my face. But he smirks at me and winks. I don't know if he sees but I blush and laugh some more.

He looks away and doesn't look back for a moment and I'm about to walk away because my attention span is short right now and I'm laughing more than I can handle. But he says something to his friend and walks toward me. "Hey."

I laugh at that but he pulls me toward a corner so I follow. He doesn't say anything but just stares at me before he removes the hood off my head. "What a cutie you are."He says ruffling my hair.

"Yeah but you're like... hot." I slur. He chuckles and whispers something in my ear and I just nod eagerly at whatever it is but that's all I can remember as everything starts to fade away.

Question: What's a job you don't have to go to college for? (Besides McDonald's and any other fast food restaurant or grocery store)

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