Chapter 16

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"I love lazy days," I said while closing my eyes and relaxing. Right now, Zach and I lay on the hotel bed cuddling with the tv on. Though the tv was on mute and the lights were off so it was just nice. Zach has his second to last show tonight and he wanted to be with me as much as possible before tomorrow when I leave.

"You could have as many lazy days as you want if you stayed with me." Zach kept pestering me to change my mind. But I'm already settled to going back to college and finishing. I don't wanna be some college dropout.

"How bout instead of begging me to stay. You could help me decide what I want to have as a career." I annoyingly said staring at the ceiling. That's had been on my mind a lot more. I have one year left of college and I don't know what I want to do with my life. It's been frustrating to think about.

"Graphic designer." Zach spoke breaking me out of my thoughts. I turned to look up at him.

Hmmm graphic designer? That has been mentioned multiple times to me. I've just ignored it though. Maybe I should do some research on it. " You know let's talk about this later." I suddenly changed the subject.

Nuzzling my head into his shoulder I close my eyes. He wrapped his arms tighter around me and I wiggle around getting in a comfy position.

"I still can't believe you broke up with her." I mumbled my eyes still closed feeling at peace.

"Well why would I since I finally got my boyfriend back." He replied squeezing me tighter as if, a show of possessiveness.

"Boyfriend? I don't recall you having a boyfriend," I teased.

"Well were definitely not gonna just stay friends because friends wouldn't do this." He said flipping me over so I was under him. Opening my eyes to see his brown ones darken with lust. Smashing his lips on mine as he straddled me.

I automatically kiss back, grabbing ahold of his hair. Roughly tugging on the curls as he cradles my face. The kiss was rough but so much passion that it brought the feeling of nostalgia.

He kissed hard, my lips were definitely going to be swollen as he bit down on my lip causing me to moan. His tongue entering my mouth as he explored every part of it. After a while though, kisses started to trail down toward my neck.

Biting and sucking leaving dark marks. That though pushed me over the edge as I flip us over so I was on top. I planted a lingering kiss on his lips before going to his ear and huskily whispering," you're about to feel so much pleasure."

He moan upon those words and I playfully bit his ear before trailing down to his jaw. Giving it a kiss and trailing my kisses toward his neck. He more than willingly gave more access toward his neck. Biting and sucking, leaving marks as he did on me. On one certain area though he moan and shuddered. Smirking against his skin finding that one spot I made sure to leave marks on.

Zach started to pull on my shirt and I got the message pulling it off. Then helping him to pull his off. Immediately after attaching our lips together as I felt heat flow toward a certain area. It became hot and heavy as I started grinding our hips together. Groaning as he moaned, my hands roaming his body.

I couldn't take the tightness of my pants anymore so I unbuttoned his pants first yanking them off his legs. While pulling my pants off Zach spoke sitting up a little, "it's been a while, are we really doing this?"

"Damn right we are," I say pushing him down so he laid down completely. I wanted to cut to the chase as I wanted to be inside him once again. I pull his boxers down, his member springing out.

Smirking I grab ahold of his hips, I brought my lips down to the tip. Licking it teasingly I look up to meet Zach's half closed eyes. Wrapping my mouth fully around him I started to bob my head. His moans filled my ears as his hands reached my hair.

While continuing to blow him, I brought three fingers to his mouth. Staring up at him as he sucked on them. Bringing my fingers down to his hole I inserted one in him. Feeling him tightening around my finger before relaxing. I start to stretch him out.

"I'm close," Zach breathed out. Immediately I pull off of him. Zach whined but didn't say anything as I continue to thrust my finger inside him and then adding another.

Eventually I got him stretched out and him begging, "I want you in me now. Please Jack."

Removing my boxers I lined myself up with him. Grabbing ahold of his hips I slowly pushed inside of him. I let him adjust as usual and with a head nod I start to thrust myself in him.

"Faster, Jack." He moaned causing me to groan and do just that. I love the way he says my name. I start to thrust fast immediately finding the spot I love to pound. Hitting his prostate, he moaned loudly.

Repeatedly hitting his prostate, he became a moaning mess and saying incoherent words. I was close but I want to let go together.

Finally thought Zach said the words I wanted to hear. "I'm close," Zach said again.

Me too," I say sloppily thrusting into him. Zach let out a loud moan as we both let go. I thrust into him a few more times, riding us out from our highs.

Falling beside him on the bed. Our heavy breathing filled the room. My chest rising up and down. Sweat dripping down my back. I wrapped my arms around Zach smiling at him. "I love you," I spoke.

"I love you too," he replied planting a kiss on my lips.

"It will be us in the end and you're right were definitely not friends." I spoke again.

"Then what are we?" Zach asked into my shoulder.

"We're lovers"

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