Chapter 13

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I felt a warm embrace as I awoke. Feeling warm hands on my body made me feel tingly. When I opened my eyes I saw two brown eyes staring into mine. I smiled nonchalantly, fluttering my eyes closed as I stretched my back.

When I look at Lifewrecker well I guess he is not that anymore. He's just Zach the one I fell in love with. The one I thought left my life to crumble. But my flashbacks show me our love is still real.

I know the reason I gave him a second chance was because of my tattoo. It was the sign I was looking for. Looking down at my tattoo of planets it reminds me of how we both thought of equality. It makes me think that he deserves a second chance because that's what I would want if I left for four years lying that I would come back but technically he did. We're human and we're all equal we make mistakes.

I smile a very toothy smile at Zach. He smiles back which causes me to wrap my arms around his back and pressing my lips on his. We smile in the kiss. As it is a slow but passionate kiss. My eyes are closed reminding me of all the same feelings that Zach gives when kissing me. He is such a good kisser.

When we pull away I say, "hi."


But the moment is ruined as the bus hits a bump and Zach falls to the floor. I burst out laughing as he groans in pain. I feel no remorse as he pouts at me. It just causes me to laugh even more.

I give a hand to pull him up but he pulls me down to him attempting to make me fall too. He grunts as I continue to laugh laying on his chest. "I think that hurt you more than it hurt me."

"I know," he moans out.

"But if it makes you feel better I was trying to make you bump you're head on the bunk ceiling." He adds.

"Yeah but you caused my fat ass to fall on top of you." I say sitting up to straddle him.

"It's a very nice ass though," he says biting his lip and grabbing my ass.

I gasp at him as he does this and hit him on his chest which makes him laugh.


Zach stands in front of me beaming with happiness as I agree to watch his sound check. Ughhh does this mean I have to stay for the whole concert too.

"I'm glad you're here and I think it makes me sound better and just be overall better if you watch," he squeals which makes me wide eyed as he grabs my hands in his.

"Yeah, yeah now go," I playfully roll my eyes at him.

"Ok but first." He kisses my cheek which causes me to blush as he runs out to the stage winking at me.

I watch with as much enthusiasm as I can. Which honestly isn't that much. But damn my baby doing good. Baby? Yes we're giving him another chance remember? I think I've already fallen for him again.

Zach sings his heart out and would make subtle glances in my direction. Those neck veins be poppin though. Ahh I really do love his neck veins. Is that weird? Yesh. He also sounds really good like honestly way better than he did in high school. No wonder so many people listen to his music.

For some reason as I watch Zach with a smile, I get this uneasy feeling as if someone is staring at me. So I turn my head to see the tall man again. Will. Zach's manager. I frown as he starts to walk over. I really don't like this man.

"You're Jack right." He asks very friendly. I know damn well he already knows that. Like hey we already met. So I just nod.

"Well I notice how Zach looks at you and I want it to stop." His friendly tone gone.

"What?" I ask in confusion. Why does it matter if Zach and I like each other? It's our life.

"Supposedly you are just Zach's friend. It better stay that way because he already has a girlfriend plus it would look bad for his image." He says in a tone that makes him think he is superior.

"Got it," he adds. I turn to look at Zach he smiles at me and I fake smile back. How can this man say that. This is the new generation hasn't he watched the new movements.



Hours passed and I still can't get over what that asshole said. I'm in Zach's dressing room with him and his friends. I've been distant lost in my thoughts. Also been eavesdropping on their conversations. Which is way better than worrying about decisions.

"Wait a minute Jem. who's this?" Zach asked pointing at some random brown haired girl in the room.

There's a random look between Jem and the girl. "Ummmm this is my friend Lyn." She says very hesitant. Hmmm I'm gonna call it and say they're dating. Haha.

"Jack, what's wrong with you." Zach asks coming to sit beside me. I don't know whether I should tell him or not. I can't even look him in the eye, afraid of him noticing what's wrong. I just stare off into space and notice that Jonah and Corbyn are making out. I roll my eyes. How come they get to be the cliche couple with no problems.

"Nothings wrong, Zach." I tell him giving a warm smile.

"Zach you're on in five," a man stands at the door.

"Good luck out there." I smile lightly at him. Cupping my hands on his face. I give him a kiss on his lips. When we pull away he is smiling so much I think he might hurt himself. As he walks out I feel bad not telling him what's wrong.

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