Chapter 12

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As Jack stared down at his tattoo he was caught in some trance. Looking very deep in thought. Was it something I said? I don't think that's the reason because all I did was try to make conversation.

"I missed you," Jack said. Those unexpected words caught me off gaurd.


" I m-missed you," he say this time stuttering.

I reach over across the table and grab his hand in mine and say, "I've missed you too."

"OMG ITS ZACH HERRON," I hear someone squeal which causes me to get scared quickly releasing his hand.

Two young girls approach me with beaming smiles. "Can we get a picture with you?" they ask.

"Yeah sure," I smile.

"Can you take the picture," one of them asks Jack. He nods taking their phone as I stand beside them. I put on my camera smile as Jack takes the picture.

"Thank you," one of them says looking at her phone all jittery.

"Yeah thanks. We love you." The other says talking really fast.

"Love you too." I say smiling. Ahh I love my fans.

As they leave I turn back to Jack who stares at me with a smile. I raise an eyebrow at him but he just shrugs.

"Let's get out of here."

"Yeah." He whispers following me.


I can't sleep as I feel the small bumps being hit as we ride on the tour bus. I can't stop thinking about what Jack said as I lay in my bunk. I missed you. What does that mean? Is he opening up? My lips curls a little at the thought of him letting us be together.

I just want to make him happy. Just like he makes me happy. Like right now I just want to go get in his bunk beside me and attack him with kisses. But I can't. But it's worth a shot right? Looking across toward his bunk, the curtain closed.

Getting up, I slowly open the curtain. That's when I notice he's not asleep and his eyes just stare back at me. " what are you doing," he asks.

"Can't sleep," I say staring at the glimpse of his shirtless body but the blanket is covering most of him. I bite my lip as the skin makes me get goosebumps from the very little skin.

"Me either."

"Can I?" I gesture toward getting into the bunk with him.

"Sure," he replies scooting over.

I get in and lay beside him noticing the very little room between us immediately. I don't know if he would let me wrap my arms around him without slapping me so we lay shoulder to shoulder. The very little skin touching is all I can think about as I stare at the blank less ceiling, as our breathing is the only noise made.

"So why....can't you sleep?" I ask turning my head to look at him but he just stares up.

He hesitates but says, "Afraid of Nightmares," he whispers looking me in the eye before gulping.

"How bout you," he asks. Finally continuing one of our conversations.

"Just...thinking," I glance down at the covers covering us then back at Jack.

We're so close to each other but there's a tension here but I'm just gonna go for it. I lower myself down a little and tilt my head leaving kisses on Jack's neck. I feel Jack shudder but he doesn't say anything or tries to stop me. So my kisses grow slower and more open that I start to leave marks as I trail up. I kiss his jaw then his cheek. Then hesitantly hover over his lips. But what surprises me is when he reaches up connecting our lips.

The kiss starts out slow and passionate. As my eyes close and I remember the old sensation I use to feel. It makes me happy and have so much energy. Everything is all warm and fuzzy.

Then the kiss becomes more intense as my hands travel toward his curls and his hands toward my waist. My tongue goes into his mouth and he sucks on it causing me to moan. I feel his fingers rubbing circles in my sides causing my heart to jump.

But soon, Jack pulls away to breathe and probably realize what we just done. We made out and it was amazing. Our heavy breathing filling the air. As hit energy radiates from us. We stare intensely at each other, Jack's eyes darker than normal. I smile, "I love you so fucking much," I pant.

"I-I l-love you so f-fucking much too." He smiles as he hesitantly says those words. He finally said it once again.

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