Chapter 11

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I'm in my dressing room now because I just finished up the show. I'm sweating so much and I'm a little sad. Jack left he didn't even stay till the end but good thing I told Jonah and Corbyn to keep an eye on him.

I look in the mirror in front of me to see myself. I feel like I've haven't changed at all since I left high school. Maybe my face is less babylike but that's about it. My happiness feels like it's fading away. Every time I put on a smile, it feels like one of those ones when I use to say "I hate my life." I chuckle and put on a small smile in the mirror, that literally wasn't philosophy of life. That is until I met Jack.


I pick up my phone and notice Corbyn is calling me. "Hey," I say into the phone. My voice sounding unamused. Like Jack left like big deal, he's a grown man he can do what he wants to do. But it doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

"Yo Zach, we followed Jack and he's sitting on a bench nearby, the stadium," Corbyn replies as I imagine him and Jonah hiding behind a bush.

Then I hear Jonah say, "he looks deep in thought but looking hella hot doing it." Classic Jonah.

"Hey, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS RIGHT BESIDE YOU." Corbyn says sounding offended.

"Yeah but I'm just being honest," Jonah argues.

I chuckle at their bickering, "ok guys thanks I'll be on my way." Then I hang up and burst out laughing their arguments are literally couple goals.


I've been sitting here for at least an hour. Just alone with my thoughts. I watch as people walk by and see everyone around me light up with happiness. Especially friends and family. To me that's all I've seen, no ones alone to me. But in reality that's not how it is, why can't I see other people alone hurting in pain, emotional pain.

So you ready to get ice cream now," his voice interrupting my thoughts. I look behind to see him smiling, gosh darn it I hate that smile, it's like he's mocking me or teasing me. His hand on the bench lightly brushing my shoulder. It bothers that I notice this small detail.

Lifewrecker is wearing a black hat and a hoodie with some sweatpants. The hoodie covering the hat. He looks like a regular person, probably not trying to draw attention to his self. Since he's Mr. Famous.

"Sure, you're paying right?" I ask rudely, because my broke ass not paying compared to the money he makes. Then again I can prove I don't need him.

"Of course."

"Well actually you're not, I'll pay for myself," I snarkly replied probably sounding bipolar.


"So what are you majoring in college?" He asks breaking the silence. Oh my gosh this ice cream is sooooo good.

But I'm still salty because he ended up paying for me behind my back, literally like the first thing he did was go up to the register and pay and not even order. Like bitch. But then again free ice cream. Ayeee

"Art," giving him a one worded answer and continuing to devour my ice cream. I notice he is trying to make conversation but I just ignore him as I don't want to be here with him. Or do I? Crying to sleep every night because of him and now he's here you don't want to talk. Ahhh spacing out is what I do best, random thoughts as I lick the spoon of my ice cream.

"Art?" He scrunches his face in confusion.

"Is there a reason why," he adds trying to get me to talk.

"Yes." More silence. It's so awkward but I don't care this is what he wanted. He's probably thought oh well be good ole pals and catch up over some tea. I hate tea.

"You don't smile like you use to."

"Smell?" I ask spacing back in.

"No you're smile,'s fake," he says poking my cheek while laughing.

"Well all beautiful smiles are not to be seen." I reply irritated by his laugh.

The silence is chilling, is he really thinking about what I said? I scrape the bottom of my ice cream bowl as I try to get all of it. As I finish, I place my hands on the table waiting for him to finish thinking. But he is so spaced out I start to make funny faces, sticking my tongue out and winking at him. Nothing though so I just look away at the ice cream wanting more. I give a longing look towards the delicious goodness.

"You're tattoo, what does it mean?" Ughhh so many questions. But curiously following his vision toward my arm filled with the planets.

"It matter what planet or universe you're from, everyone is equal." I smile glancing down at it.

But when we're together we're equal.

So new book out called Trust Fund Baby. I'm gonna have a little fun with this book as it's a Zaniel story. Go read it.❤️

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