Chapter 9

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As I look at Jack with a smile, he looks horrified. Oh no did I do that? I don't know what to say I probably should of been prepared for this. I prepared everything else though the presents that have a more sedimental meaning but somehow forgot how to talk.

But as I look at him. I realize he still as beautiful as he was in high school. But then I get the door shut in my face. I frown as I look at the door but don't leave. So I knock on the door.

"Go away," Jack's faint voice says. Aww his voice I haven't heard in years. I smile again and think I might cry.

"No please open the door," I ask.

"Go the fuck on somewhere," he replies sounding bitter. Damn I hurt him. But somehow I'm gonna fix this. So I open the door and barge in uninvited.

"Jack we need to talk I want to fix this," I beg. He doesn't say anything but stare at me. I take this moment to really look at him. He still has the beautiful curls I fell in love with. The brown eyes that sparkle in the light. But they're not now. They look darker, more dead. I notice he's also skinnier than I remember. But he still wears all black like I remember. Then I notice the tattoo running down his arm. I wonder what it means, the planets. It look so aesthetic though.

"No you left me four years ago but now you decide to show up." He yells with pain in his voice. He sounds really hurt.

"I want to make up those four years to you," I say moving closer to him.

"No you can't and plus I'm perfectly fine on my own without you."

"Well I'm not, I want you back, Jack." I grabs his hands moving him closer to me as he tries to keep backing up further away from me. He starts to sob as tears roam freely down his but he looks me in the eye. Not afraid to show the hurt I apparently caused. But unexpectedly he reaches his hand back and slaps me.

I let go of him as I feel an burning sensation on my face. That's gonna leave a mark. For some reason though I'm having deja vu . Because damn he freakin bitch slapped me.

"You can't have me, I realize where I stand in my life and you're not in it," he whines.

"Plus good things don't last forever," he mumbles under his breathe but I can still hear. Don't last forever? I'm confused to why he brings that up but he's right.

"You're right, they don't, but nothing last forever good or bad."

He just looks stunned but he has having a mental battle. He gonna refuse to anything I say and try to find a comeback for it but I continue.

"Jack that's not how OUR love works though," I emphasized our.

"You're wrong."

"No I'm not. I've learned something about our love when we were apart. Ever since it began, I've gotten stronger as you've grown weaker, I fed off you're weakness. But when we're together we are equal. This is our love." I say pulling him to a hug.

He sobs loudly in my shoulder as I hold him, we sway. I've missed this. Everything feels right. "But you ruined me," he mumbles into my shoulder which I almost didn't catch but still heard.

Ruined him? How have I've done that? He goes to college and probably having the time of his life. I thought he would forget about me. But our love is really strong if I hurt him. Shit. He is like me in high school, I hated life until I met him.

"Jack I know what point your at in you're life. I've been there too, but you helped me get through that, so now I'm gonna help you."

He leaves my arms to look slightly up at me. I stare at the tears I've caused. He must of noticed for he starts wiping them away. "How," he whispers.

How am I gonna do that. I'm famous now, a music sensation but I want him more than that. But I don't want to let my fans down because of my own problems.

"Come with me to finish the rest of my tour like be there for me, I'll even cancel the international part to spend time with you."

He doesn't say a word but he looks like he is pondering that in his mind. So he is actually thinking about it so I edge him on some more.

"I'll make a deal, I'm gonna prove my love to you and when I finish tour in California. You can decide if you still want me in you're life."

Silence fills the air as I give a hopeful look toward Jack as he thinks about it. My face is full of warm probably because you got slapped and my heart is pounding nervous he might say no.

"I'll go with you but I won't forgive you," he says.

I hug him. He agreed. "I love you so much," I say hugging him tightly. The sad thing is he doesn't hug back or say it back but I don't care he agreed and he will say those three words soon as I will show him my love.

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