Chapter 2

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"Jack you were never good enough for anything. I'm so glad I left you," Zach said smirking devilishly at me and then pushing me to the ground.

I wake up and instantly sat up. I immediately wipe the tears running down my face. This is a normal thing now, to wake up from terrible nightmares about the Lifewrecker. It happens on most nights but this time I'm not dripping in sweat. So progress!

This is why I hate going to sleep. Knowing, that I will wake up scared. I'm just glad this time I didn't witness the Lifewrecker looking me in the eye as he was fucking Jem. Oh wait I meant the devil. Ha devil and Lifewrecker, how perfect they are for each other.

Today is Saturday, which means I have no classes today. Typically, I stay in my room on weekends but I want to go out for once. Get some good food because in college I eat instant foods that go in the microwave. Mostly Ramen noodles. Now that I think about it, I really do need to learn how to cook.

Also I need art supplies while I'm out. I entered an art contest. Cause you know I'm the guy without a social life. Wow what a change it has been over the last few years.

Looking around the room, I notice my roommates not here. Damn he probably partied hard last night. So I got ready for the day by just throwing on some black jeans and a black T-shirt. Haha everyone can tell I'm depressed, I even dress depressing. I then grab my skateboard, a new hobby I picked up after high school.

As I head out locking my door to the dorm room. I feel around my pockets making sure I have my phone and wallet as I walk downstairs. When I get outside I head to my car, that I hardly ever use anymore, because skateboard, but today I have to go off campus.

As I start to drive down the road, I decide it's enough peace and quiet to last a lifetime so I turn on the radio. Music starts playing but I immediately turn it off. I can't stand that voice and with my luck they just happened to play that song. I huff as I drive down the road and come to a stoplight. I just wanted to listen to music, I groan hitting my head on the wheel.


I decided to go to a Japanese restaurant. Bout to get some bomb ass food. I order my food. "hibachi chicken with extra rice," I say to the cashier.

"7.85," she said in a monotone voice. The look on her face as I hand her the money told me she doesn't want to be here and I wonder does she despise life as much as I do.

I find a seat by a window. I play with the straw of my drink as I wait on my food. I may be depressed but I'm still lonely and wish I had a friend, but you can't trust no one, like ever.

I glance up and look around because I'm bored like always. I study people's faces and try to figure them out. Looking around, I see a group of kids who look like they just came from a soccer game based on what they are wearing. They look happy, goofing off and laughing, they're friends.

Turning toward another table beside them, I assume the parents of the kids and from based on the few words I hear they're talking about the soccer game and their kids. They look normal and happy to me. So I turn my head to look at the wall left of me, finding it more interesting than people just chilling and enjoying life.

Still waiting on my food taking the longest time ever. Like a man just wants to eat. Then my phone starts vibrating in my pocket. So I pull it out of my pocket and I don't recognize the number. Should I answer? Well no one ever really calls me except mom so why not?

"Hey," the person on the other side of the line says. I immediately recognize the voice and I freeze not know what to do or say.

"Hey Dani," I say sighing knowing I should of hung up the second I answered.

"I haven't seen you in months," he said.

I went to college," I reply my jaw tightening.

"Oh well I missed you," he said. Yeah, he might of missed me but he is the one who knew I was broken and yet he cheated on me.

"You didn't seem to be missing me when you let that girl pleasure you," I talked angrily into the phone. As I was speaking that, my food finally came and the person who gave it to me gave me a weird look before she left.

"Yeah it was a misunderstanding, I told you she..." he said before I interrupted him.

"Not from what I heard, oh your so at this," I angrily whispered into the phone to avoid weird glances. It had went quiet for a moment.

"Just give me a second chance," he softly spoke.

"Yeah second chance my ass, I'm in college now," I mumbled.

"But I'm sorry," he spoke as if he was crying.

"No I'm not taking pity on you, you been my best friend for as long as I can remember and I told you all my secrets and I told you I was broken. And I also told you when we started dating not to break me." I angrily hung up the phone after I went on my short diatribe. I also notice some people now staring at me. Guess I wasn't as quiet I as I thought.

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