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I hadn’t heard from Arthur since. But then again, it’s been only 3 weeks, maybe there was still a chance of him not being too mad with me? Nope, I gave up on that idea the day he slammed the door on me. It was a cut too deep. But on the other hand – and this does not by any means excuse what I did – he fell for me rather quickly. We were friends but not super close then we went on one simple nothing special date. After that I saw him one other day in the studio and didn’t get to talk to him at all because when I marched away after my rant, he decided to leave. Lastly, all we’ve done was text and well, I didn’t elaborate much. Many times did I only say ‘lol’ or ‘XD’ while he sent me paragraphs worthy of a novel. Why he fell in love with me, I will never know.

I reassured myself with that though I still knew that I was the wrong one.

Sometimes you can’t help but love someone even though there are reasons why you shouldn’t like they aren’t interested or… they aren’t single. Love is a tricky thing, like fire. Play with it or ignore it and you’ll only get burned or let it die.

So, that day, when I walked onto set for Matt and I’s final kiss, I had in mind to not let it over take me and distract me from my role. It was only a kiss. A stage kiss at that. I had already been stuck in the cold and burned to the 3rd degree with him. Nothing he could do could possibly hurt me anymore. He was right about emotion control, in a way, it made you seem tougher and feel tougher, but you were still the same fragile girl in the end.

I managed my time perfectly to be out of hair and makeup just in time for filming. This was the season final and we started filming last week and we would still be filming next week. I was almost done, 5 whole months in Cardiff.

“Hey,” I smiled warmly to Matt as I joined him.

“Ok, you guys! Make this count, we’re on a tight schedule!” the director shouted.

We got into position and focused.


Doctor… this-this might be goodbye forever. We might both die tonight…

Yes, yes, I am completely aware of that. That’s why I’m trying hard to stop this from happening! Now if you would get out of my way-

I stepped right in front of him, blocking his path.

Doctor, listen to me. If this is my last chance to say it, then so be it, I’ll say it! I love you. I love everything about you. Your smile, your eyes and your cocky ways. Your dimples, the child inside of you and the wave your bangs make. I love you more than anything, Doctor. And if you would just give me a damn chance, I could make you happy. Happier than River could make you,” I recited, tears forming in my eyes.

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