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Hey hey! Now this is the chapter that Matt appears! Finally! haha I would like to say that what I know from Matt Smith personality wise is what I've seen in a few interviews plus this is a fanfiction, I can make him how I like ^^

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Two weeks later, I made my bags and drove my lovely animals to my sister’s house.

“You sure you don’t mind taking care of them? If not, mom and dad will take them off of your hands,” I repeated for the millionth time as I pated Hotdog affectionately.

I was really going to miss my babies, I wasn’t going to see them for a good 5 months while I was away in Cardiff… being the Doctor’s companion!

When Moffat made it clear which role I would act, I nearly screamed. The joy and happiness I felt from when I was told I got the role for Joann Perkins was intensified by 10000000 times more when I was told I got the role for Annie Johnson. I was so happy, I could have kissed everyone in the room! I was told to keep it top secret, but I was still allowed to tell Stacy and my parents. When I told them, my parents were ecstatic and were screaming just as much as me. Stacy was in disbelief. Still, this chilly February morning as I brought over Hotdog, TARDIS and Goldy to her home, she still didn’t believe it.

“Of course I’ll watch them, no problem. All there is to it is to feed them, right?” she asked.

I rolled my eyes, she was never an animal person like I was.

 “I’ll text you,” I sighed.

“Ok. Well, I guess this is goodbye for now,” she pouted.

“I’ll miss you,” I hugged her tightly in my arms.

“Same here.”

The embrace ended and I checked my watch to see that I needed to leave like right then.

“Shit, bye, Stacy. I’ll call you tonight!” I hurried to say and ran to my car. I vaguely heard a goodbye from her as I closed the door and started the engine. I had a long way to go all the way to Cardiff.


I arrived at the gate of the Doctor Who set 3 hours later. I gave the man my name and he opened for me. I was going to get a pass soon to be able to come in and out at anytime. I parked my car and hurried into the studio where a receptionist with flowing blond hair and piecing blue eyes was waiting for me.

“Hello, Miss Hill. I’m Jenifer Miller. I was given orders to show you around the set today. Now you won’t start filming for at least two weeks, but we want to make sure you don’t get lost while trying to be at work on time. Please follow me,” she smiled.

I did as she said. I was going to have to wait 2 weeks before starting? More time to get to know the crew I guess… She showed me halls and small office rooms that we had around for when we go for interviews or are just relaxing between scenes. This took at least an hour as I mentally noting everything in my mind. She also took me outside and showed me my trailer for my stay in Cardiff. It was the same as everyone else, pretty big and spacey.

Finally, she brought me to what I really wanted to see. The set of the inside of the TARDIS. I nearly had a heart attack as I looked at the controls the Doctor had so often pressed buttons and switched levers. My heart took a leap when the Doctor himself entered through the door we just came through. He looked… hot. Really, just all over attractive. His hair was doing that little wave that I loved and his eyes were a beautiful shade of green. I could barely speak, he literally took my breath away.

“Ah, yes, meet your new co-worker, Miss Hill,” Jenifer said, gesturing to Matt who she had placed a hand in front of him to stop him for going forward. “Matt, this is Cadence Hill, she will be your new companion starting episode 5,” she presented me.

I smiled shyly to him. He was wearing his Doctor outfit and looked like his mind was somewhere else.

“Right, yes, hello, Casey…” he nodded, barely looking at me.

“Hey…” I sighed, my smile vanishing.

“Excuse me,” he said vaguely and went around us to go to the controls were he was needed on set.

Well that was rude! He didn’t even remember my name after Jenifer said it 2 seconds earlier. I was truly disappointed to find out my favorite actor was possibly a real prick in person. How can someone look so handsome and be so ungentlemanly?


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