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If you aren’t aware what of how the process of getting a role works in the world of acting, let me explain the steps for getting a role.

First, you have the audition. Just a simple audition. Then the producers go through all the videos and the notes of the people at the audition and eliminate a fair proportion, those people will not get the job. Then they call the ones left for a call back. Basically, they bring back into the studio, make you audition again and sometimes with another actor that will be in the show to see if the two connect well, but sometimes, they do that audition with the actor as the third step. Then you wait and see and if they don’t call, you haven’t been chosen and if they do, you’ve got the role! But of course, the role isn’t officially yours until you’ve signed the contract.

It was as if audition day didn’t come soon enough, yet when I walked into the studio that Monday morning, I wish I had more time. I rehearsed the script nonstop for the whole week. Everything I did, I was repeating the lines in my head. I knew the scene by heart! Yet, I was shaking when I stepped into the white room with the table with four men and one woman sitting behind it.

“Hello, please say name, age, where you were born and role you’re auditioning for to the camera please,” the woman spoke in a dull and bored voice as she pointed the camera set up behind them with her pen.

“Hello, I’m Cadence, I’m 25 years old, born and raised in London and I’m auditioning for the role of Joann Perkins,” I smiled shyly to them.

“Good. Now will do some lines. I’ll be Jake,” the man completely on the right with the black bear said.

I nodded my head and he said that first line.

Joann, how could you do that?” he said in an annoyingly monotone voice.

I trusted my gut. Something about that car seemed suspicious to me, the way it seemed to be following us,” I acted out, to what was in my mind, perfectly.

You could have killed us! Killed us all. How reckless can you get?

It’s life all a game of chance? Aren’t you supposed to take a risk every now and then no matter how big the consequences of a negative outcome? Think of me, Jake! I could have stayed on Lukanivve with my husband instead of leaving out of the blue with you. I took a chance and I’m a happier woman for it. Life is a funny thing, it can be lost so easily, but you can’t really live until you get out of your comfort bubble and try something you know you shouldn’t. Don’t be mad at me, Jake, for all I was doing was living!

I took a deep breath after the monologue. That was all there was to it. I felt confidant as I saw a small smile creep up the woman’s face. She wrote something down on the paper in front and so did all the others. She looked up at me and nodded her head.

“Thank you, Miss Hill. You may leave,” she said.

“Thank you,” I nodded to them with a smile and left the audition room.

My head was light and I couldn’t feel my legs almost as I walked out to my car. Yes, I was stressed. I seriously needed some Doctor Who right then.


I was out with my younger sister at a small local restaurant. The atmosphere was peaceful, so much better than those noisy clubs with the music on way too loud. It had been around three weeks now since the audition, but I wasn’t worried since these things could take months.

“So how are you and Mike doing?” I questioned before taking a bite out of my pizza slice.

“Well… complicated. Because things aren’t necessarily good, but not necessarily bad either, you know? It’s kind of just… boring,” she sighed before stealing of my chips.

“Don’t you want to just settle down with a man? You know, really get to know him instead of getting bored with him and moving onto the next?”

“You wouldn’t understand, your obsession with the silly TV show has made you forever alone, sis,” she shrugged.

“I’d rather have a guy how shares my passion for the show or who at least accepts it than to change my ways for someone just so maybe I can marry them someday. I’m looking for the real deal, while you out partying and being forever available,” I replied.

“While you’re home, crying over Rory who died again, I’m out having a life. Maybe you should get one,” she teased.

Not wanting to get into this age old discussion with her again, I simply rolled my eyes and took another bite of my pizza. We were always like this. I loved her, but she was so… irresponsible and reckless.

“Cadence, your phone it ringing,” she pointed out as I completely zoned out and didn’t realize that it was.

I hurried to pick up, not looking at the caller.


“Cadence! Oh you are going to love this!” Jerry’s voice appeared at the other end.

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