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Ah! He was so annoying!

Not Matt of course, Matt was being a sweetheart, but Arthur was getting on my last nerves! He was texting me nonstop, like constantly for the last two weeks! As soon as I finished filming, I had like 5 texts from him saying stupid little remarks about his day like ‘this sandwich is amazing, but not as amazing as you’. Poor thing, without Doctor Who to keep him busy, he was dying for boredom and, sadly, I was the one that had to deal with it.

I was really about to text him to shut the fuck up when Jenifer appeared in makeup looking mad.

“Cadence! You’re running late. Get our butt on set now,” she almost yelled at me.

“Fine, I’m coming!” I sighed and left my cell phone on my makeup table where it would stay while I was busy.

I ran to set to make it there just on time. Matt on the other hand wasn’t.

“Where is that idiot?” I complained as I stood on the stairs of the TARDIS.

A minute later, he came running onto set, out of breathe.

“So sorry! Important call, very important! But it’s over now. So over,” he sighed heavily before joining me on the stairs.

“You ok, Matt? You look a little… frustrated?” I asked.

“What? No, I’m completely fine and ready to film!” he smiled widely.

“If you say so,” I laughed at his over energetic excitement.

“Ok, ok! Silence on set! Scene 5 from the start!” the director loudly called.

Oh shit. Scene 5 was the kiss. I didn’t know we were doing the kiss today! If I did, I would have put some lip balm or something! But it was too late now, we were getting into position.

“Ok, remember what we did, Cadence! You’ve only have one shot at the first kiss! Unless you two have been kissing behind my back,” he laughed. “Aggressive, Cadence! Annie wants the Doctor, she needs the Doctor! Ok? Action!” he called and everything became silent.

There is a way of defeating the Blurgensors. It’s risky, but it just may work,” I recited from memory.

And what is that? What is your idea that I surely haven’t thought about?” he said condescendingly.

Send me. They don’t know who I am and what I can do. Send me and all finish this.

No, no no! Are you daft? I would never risk that, risk you. This adventure thing has gotten to your head. Annie, I’m taking you home now. This is too dangerous.

Doctor, you aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon. I’m here until the end,” I replied.

What end, Annie? This will never end. You’ll simply spend your life risking your life with me? That’s ridiculous!

It’s not when you’re in love.

And I pounced for it. Just like the director told me to, I crashed my lips onto his and I leaned onto Matt while I was in my tip toes as I grabbed him and pulled him towards me. It was… perfect.

He kissed me back – because the script says he does – and he ran his fingers in my hair. I dug my nails into the back of his tweed blazer and savour the moment.

I know this is going to sound incredibly cliché, but I felt it. I felt the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. I felt the shiver go down my spine like an electric shock. I felt my heart skip a beat then beat rapidly. There was this connection that I felt that just took my breath away. Like this was the real thing. I had kissed boys in the past but this was something else. Something better.

And right then I was absolutely 100% sure that I was in love with Matt.

We broke the kiss a moment later and it took me a while I get back into character because while your lips were linked, I completely forgot about the word around us and that I was supposed to be Annie, not Cadence.

“Annie, don’t ever do that again,” the Doctor scolded me.

“CUT!” the director yelled. “Per-fec-tion! And that, my dear, is what you call a one taker,” he said as he approached us on set. “Cadence, you have this fire, this storm inside of you that when you unleash, it’s the most amazing thing in the world. Keep that up! Matt, wonderful as always,” he commented.

I blushed brightly red as I smiled gratefully at the director. Not just because of his lovely compliment, but because I was little out of breath from the kiss and the thought of the kiss made me turn red.

“Take five everyone!” he called and the crew left their position.

I stayed in the stairs a second as Matt started to walk off. I was trying to stop myself from shaking. He stopped and turned to me.

“Cadence, you coming?” he asked, looking at me oddly.

All I could wonder is did he feel it too? Was the spark there for him? Or was I completely alone in this?

“Yeah, I am. Sorry, just kinda zoned out for a moment,” I shrugged and I quickly came down to join him.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder as he leaded me out.

“You know, you’re a good kisser,” he vaguely commented in the hall.


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