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I sat on my couch, rereading the script for the millionth time. It had been months since the call back and yet, I was tormented by my fatal mistake. I was 100% sure I didn’t have it, since never would you wait around 2 months until they called you back and I messed up too greatly to still have a chance. I hadn’t gotten a call from Jerry in a long time as well. He was probably losing faith in me and seriously thinking of dropping me as a client. Like the last three years met nothing.

As I came across the line I ruined, I cringed and felt a ball form in my stomach. I really hated myself.

My Iphone vibrated in my pocket with a text message. I reached down and pulled it out to see Jerry’s name.

Meet me tonight at 7pm at my place


I arrived at his house exactly on time. I was a very punctually person. Rarely did Jerry even invite me to his home, he was very private when it came to client/agent relationships.

I knocked at he opened the door, holding a bottle of champagne and a huge grin on his face.

“We have some celebrating to do!” he announced. “You’ve got the part!”

I stood there completely dumfounded and shocked as he opened the bottle, sending the cork nearly across the street.


After two drinks with the best agent in the world, I got a taxi home, telling myself I’d get my car in the morning. Once in the safety of my apartment did I really start to celebrate! I jumped up and down on the couch and on my bed. I was nearly screaming out of joy! I blasted the music on my stereo incredibly loud as I sang along. Yes, I was probably bothering the whole building, but I was too happy to care!

Only once I was drained of all energy did I take my phone out to call Stacy.

“Guess what?” I said as soon as she answered.

“What do you want, Cadence? I’m busy!” she complained.

“You won’t be busy for long once I tell you the news!”

“Fine, what is it?”she snapped.

“I’ve got a part! A real female lead role part on a new TV show!” I practically yelled into the phone.

“What? Really? Are you kidding me or something?”

“Not at all! I’m a real actress now! I signed the papers tomorrow!”

“Oh my! Cadence, I’m super happy for you! Really, this is amazing! You deserve it! Listen, I have to go now, but give me the details tomorrow! Love you, bye,” she said and hung up.

Well I was hoping for more of a reaction than that, but I’ll have to do. Next call, the parents!


The next day, I walked into BBC studios feeling absolutely amazing! I had the lead role in a show that was sure to be brilliant – in my mind it was. They chose me! Out of all the girls who were there that day, they chose the one who messed up and made a fool of herself. I wanted to thank them so much!

The receptionist showed me the way to the office of the person in charge of hiring me. She knocked on the door and I found myself standing in front of Steven Moffat! The Steven Moffat! Writer for Doctor Who! Oh, and there were few other people including Jerry… but Steven Moffat! I nearly fainted.

“Hello, Cadence,” Moffat himself greeting me, offering his hand. “I can call you Cadence, right?” he added as I shook his head, starring at him mesmerized.

“Of-of course, Mr Moffat,” I nodded.

“Oh, so you know who I am!” he smiled.

“You’re only the brilliant mind behind the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who!” I replied.

“You’re flattering me,” he laughed. “Please, take a seat and we’ll get started.”

We all sat around the large round table. There was a long silence as Moffat looked at me and Jerry with a sneaky grin.

“There is no show called ‘De Luna’,” he announced.

My heart stopped.

“What do you mean, Mr Moffat? We’ve auditioned for the show and she’s got the part,” Jerry intervened as I couldn’t speak for myself.

“She’s got the part alright, just not the part she thinks she has. I think she’ll love this part a lot more. See, we do this when we are looking for a new companion for the Doctor. If we said straight up front that it was an audition for Doctor Who, then we’d be overwhelmed by actors and actresses that don’t really want the part because of what the show is about, but because it’s popular. So we invent something similar to it and lie. Also, by announcing that we are looking for a new companion, it’s a spoiler saying that Karen is leaving the show,” he explained slowly.

I took a moment to process what he just said in my mind. Companion for the Doctor? Audition for Doctor Who? Karen Gillan leaving the show?

“What are you saying exactly?” Jerry asked.

“It’d obvious no? Cadence Hill is the Doctor’s next companion on the show Doctor Who.”

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