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I made it through filming! Two weeks later, we finished all scenes of my first episode. I felt like a weight was removed from my chest, as if I was getting the hang of things – though that really wasn’t true.

And I spent a lot of time with the cast – mostly with Matt, because he was in nearly all my scenes. I felt a lot more comfortable around him.

Also finishing the 5th episode met Karen was officially done here. I knew there was going to be a little party that evening for her going away, but I wasn’t sure if I should attend or not, not knowing her like the rest did. I decided not to take any chances at being unwanted and stay in my trailer, reading my favorite Harry Potter book.

It was around 10pm when there was a loud knock on my trailer door.

“Who is it?” I called from my bed.

“The Doctor!” a very familiar voice answered.

I laughed and got up to open the door to Matt. He was rather handsome with his black blazer. In one hand, he was holding a beer.

“I was at the party and I felt like something was missing,” he smiled. “Why aren’t you there?”

“Well, I don’t know if I have my place there… I figured you’d want to be just the close friends of something,” I shrugged.

“Not at all, of course we want you there! Karen was even wondering where you were. She does consider you a friend, you know. So come on!” he said, taking my hand and starting to pull me out of the trailer.

“Wait!” I nearly shouted. “I’m in my pjs, Matt. I can’t go there like this,” I pointed out. “I don’t even know what I should wear… Is this a formal thing? Semi formal? Casual? I mean, you have a blazer on,” I complained.

“Right…” he nodded.

He walked to my room and opened my clothing closet with no hesitation or embarrassment. I couldn’t believe how direct he was as he simply went through my dresses, ignoring my underwear. He took out a dress and analyzed it quickly before shoving it back in and taking out another.

“Here, wear this,” he ordered as he threw to my arms a deep blue cocktail dress I kept for special occasions. “The color will bring out your eyes and it’s not to bold.”

“Ok…” I nodded, a little confused on how he knows those kinds of things – things I didn’t even know.

“What?” he replied to my strange look. “Can’t a man have simple knowledge on fashion and clothing? I’m not gay if that’s what you are thinking,” he laughed.

“No, no! I didn’t think that at all!” I hurried to make clear.

“No, it’s ok. I’ve had people ask before. It doesn’t help that I’m playing a gay character in another show soon. I guess I just don’t care what people thing,” he shrugged.

I nodded and walked into the small trailer bathroom to change into the dress. I realized as I tried to tie the knot behind my neck, that my hair kept getting in the way, making it impossible. Holding the top up, I walked out to Matt.

“Do you mind?” I asked as with one hand, I kept my hair up.

“Of course not,” he smiled and gently tied the knot.

For some reason, when his heads touched my neck, I shiver passed through my whole body. I turned around to face him and because of the very small space of the trailer, we were very close. For a moment, we stayed like that in complete silence.

Finally, he cleared his throat awkwardly and moved aside a little.

“You look… lovely. Shall we go now?” he suggested.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I slightly smiled as I slipped on my silver high heels.

“Wait, you’re gonna get cold on your way there,” he said and took off his blazer to place it on my shoulder.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” I protested.

“Nah, it’s completely fine,” he insisted.

We left the trailer and after a small walk in silence, we arrived at the cafeteria where the party was taking place. I gave him his blazer back before walking in.

It was a very festive environment, there were balloons taped to the walls and a large banner was “We’ll miss you, Amy” written in big bold font. The lighting was dim and the music was loud without being too loud.

Karen spotted me as we came in and ran towards me.

“Cadence!!!” she shouted before hugging me in her arms. She had obviously drunk quite a bit.

She took my hand and pulled me to where everyone was dancing. Shyly, I forced myself to dance to the beat, a little embarrassed. Matt joined us with his oh so famous Doctor moves that made me laugh the whole night and I grabbed Arthurs’ arm while he was passing by, forcing him to dance along.

For the first time, right then, I really felt at home with these people.


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