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Confident and excited, I made my way into the studio for my call back! If you aren’t aware what a call back is in the world of acting, let me explain the steps for getting a role.

First, you have the audition. Just a simple audition like I’ve done to see if you can get the emotions right. Then the producers go through all the videos and the notes of the people at the audition and eliminate a fair proportion, those people will not get the job. Then they call the ones left for a call back. Basically, they bring back into the studio, make you audition again and sometimes with another actor that will be in the show to see if the two connect well, but sometimes, they do that audition with the actor as the third step. Then you wait and see and if they don’t call, you haven’t been chosen and if they do, you’ve got the role! But of course, the role isn’t officially yours until you’ve signed the contract.

So there I was, on my way for the role of a lifetime. I was waiting in the hall with several other girls all about my age if not older until they called my name and I entered the small room. It wasn’t the same then last time thought. There was a camera of course and behind it was a large mirror which I guessed was a window on the other side. No table and no people sitting there, judging me.

“Hello, Miss Hill. The reason for the glass is that this is a top secret project and we wish to preserve the identity of the producer and writer,” a voice coming from a small intercom in the corner of the room explained. “Does this make you uncomfortable?”

“Not at all,” I smiled.

“Great! Let’s get started, we have the lead male role with us today. He will also stay behind the glass. Christ, you can start.”

Knowing the male lead was in the room behind the glass made me slightly panic, but in a good way, it reminded me that this is the real deal.

Joann Perkins, you are an exceptional girl you are. You don’t belong here on Lukanivve, I can tell. You long for adventure and freedom which this place cannot give you. I know it might seem sudden since you barely know who I am, but… come with me, Joann. Live the life you were met to live,” Christ recited.

His voice soundly strangely familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on who it was. I could tell he was an excellent actor though.

But I have my whole life here! Are you really expecting me to just throw it all away for a stranger? Jonathan will be heartbroken if he wakes up and I’ve disappeared. Think rationally, Jake. Leaving would be stupid of me.

The all the nerves and tension I felt were gone as me and Christ went back and forth with our lines. But then the worst thing that could happen happened.

Don’t you see that I am but a… a….oh God… I’m sorry. L-let me start over,” I hurried to redeemed myself. “Don’t you see that I am but a… average city girl looking for… adventure? No, no that’s not it. Hum… looking for… fun! Yes, that’s the line!”

“Thank you, Miss Hill. That will be all,” the voice of the man at the beginning spoke.

I panicked and for real. I royally messed up there!

“Wait! But there’s still a page of lines to recite… I-I’m sorry. Please, give me a chance!” I was on the verge of tears as I begged.

“That will be all, Miss Hill,” he repeated coldly.

I nodded my head as I gave up. There was never reasoning with these big producer people. You were good or you were terrible, end of story. I walked out the studio with the looks of the other girls all on me as if I was going to tell them what to expect, but I left.

I made it to the parking lot and sat in my car for a moment before bursting into tears. I was so disappointed in myself. Don’t you see that I am but an average city girl looking for fun! What was so difficult in that?! In the whole script, I have to say impossible and technical words worthy of Doctor Who, yet, I mess up a simple sentence!

I had to face it, I wasn’t getting the part…


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