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After weeks of begging, I finally got permission to invite Stacy on set for a day! I missed her terribly and the conversations on the phone weren’t enough. So on a rehearsal day, near lunch time, I was waiting behind the gates for her to arrive.

We were rehearsing the episode of my first kiss with the Doctor that I had practice with Matt just two days ago when I broke down crying. The director came to us yesterday saying that in rehearsal, we would not be kissing so it took a little pressure off.

As for my feelings for Matt, I had decided not to share them with him. Or with anyone for that matter. It was going to stay a closely guarded secret of mine for my time here.  I didn’t want to ruin things between my possibly best friend and me.

I saw Stacy’s car arrived, I jumped in excitement.

The gate let her through and I ran behind her car as she parked it. As soon and she stepped out, I jumped in for a hug.

“I’ve missed you so much!” I said, holding my sister in my arms tightly.

“Aw, I’ve missed you too! It’s been difficult… and oh, Cadence!” tears were forming in her eyes and that just made tears form in mine.

Before I knew it, w were having the most touching heart to heart we had in years as we blurted out our love for each other. It was only ended when Jen marched towards us, her blond hair in a tight pony tail.

“Cadence, you are wanting on the set 1 in 3 minutes. I suggest you start moving that pretty little ass of yours there,” she ordered.

“Yes, Jenifer,” I sighed.

I took my sister’s hand in mine and started pulling her with me, but Jen stopped her, showing her a clipboard with a contract and pen.

“You can’t enter without signing this. If you are to say a word about anything that you will see and hear today, you will be fined with $10,000. Sign it or leave,” she explained coldly.

Karen was right, she was a bitch. In my past 2 months here, never have I seen her smile.

Stacy nodded and took the clipboard and pen. I was about to protest, knowing my sister had a big mouth and that $10,000 was pretty steep, but ink touched paper and it was too late.

“Very well,” Jen said before turning to me. “Set 1 now,” she ordered.

I took Stacy’s hand again and pulled her with me, almost running as I was already late.

We walked in on set and I ordered her to stay back were the director was but warned her to stay out of his way.

“You’re late,” he pointed out.

“Sorry, Jenifer slowed me down,” I sighed as I joined Matt on the stairs of the TARDIS.

“Who’s the girl?” he said pointing Stacy.

“That’s my sister,” I frowned, not liking the way he was looking at her. I definitely didn’t like the way she was flirtingly smiling back at him.

What have I done bringing her here?

The director called action and rehearsal started. Practice today was like any other practice with the director intervening every two words. As I leaned in for the kiss, he called cut right before our lips touched.

I quickly backed away and gave Matt a shy smiled.

“Cadence, for this kiss, I really want Annie to want it! I want Annie to be… almost aggressive, to almost jump on the Doctor. Do you think you can do that?” the director explained.

“I’ll try. Can we restart from his last line then?” I agreed.

“Sure. Matt, go,” he said as he sat back down in his seat.

What end, Annie? This will never end. You’ll simply spend your life risking your life with me? That’s ridiculous!

It’s not when you’re in love.

And I went for it. I didn’t kiss him, but I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him towards me and as I nearly knocked him down while leaning on him as I got myself at his height on my tip toes.

“Great! That was brilliant! Exactly what I wanted, Cadence! We can almost see the passion and desire in your eyes. Give me that filming day along with an intense first kiss, it might be your best work ever,” the director cheered happily. Never had he been so pleased with me.

I beamed as I back away from Matt who was smiling proudly at me.


After rehearsal, Stacy, Matt and I made our way to the cafeteria for dinner together. And Stacy seemed to have quite a liking for Matt.

“So, Matt, how long have you been acting?” she asked, batting her eyelashes.

“Oh, years now, I can’t give an exact number,” he said nonchalantly.

“Well, I can tell it’s been a long time, you were amazing,” she giggled like an idiot.

I, who was walking in front of them and could hear the whole thing, rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“Why thank you, Stacy. But I think Cadence did a better job than me, today and she’s only just starting. Can’t wait to see what she’ll be like in a few years,” he smiled.

Luckily, he couldn’t see me, because I blushed brightly red and smiled to myself.

“Well, either way, you were excellent, Matt. You must spend a lot of time practicing. How do you fit dating into it all,” she subtly hinted she was interested.

“Oh, I do have time to date like weekends, I just spend it with your sister at the pub,” he said.

Again I blushed and smiled to myself. Maybe he did have feelings for me…

“But of course, I don’t need to date. I have a lovely girlfriend, Daisy, waiting for me back home,” he added after a slight pause.


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