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I decided that though I knew it was bad, I would use Arthur some more. I didn’t know why I was doing it, for all I know, Matt could be perfectly in love with this Daisy girl and not have the slightest feeling me more. That was probably true.

Yet I still wanted him. He was impossibly kind and funny and everything I loved in a man. He was… dare I say it… better than the Doctor. After years of searching, I find that the only man who could surpass the Doctor in my heart was the man in the costume.

This is why on Monday morning, when I came to set for rehearsals, I was very shaken by the guest visiting our home.

An arm around Matt’s waist, a girl with dark black hair that I can only assume was Daisy. And she was… gorgeous! With square bangs, dark red lipstick and chocolate brown eyes, she was a beautiful young woman. This only darkened my mood.

I had no intention in meeting this girl, I was going to rehearse and go back to my trailer, but as I walked towards the fake spaceship hallway, Matt called me over. I could have pretended not to hear him and continue my way, but I wasn’t far enough. I reluctantly turned around and plastered a smile on my face as I walked towards them. Matt instantly walked away from Daisy and wrapped an arm around me.

“Daisy, I would like for you to meet my new best friend, Cadence!” he introduced me.

Best friends? It was official, I was friendzoned. But still, it made me smile widely up at him.

“Hello, Cadence,” she smiled warmly. “Matt has told me a lot about you over the phone, I couldn’t wait to meet you,” Daisy said, giving me her hand to shake.

I forced myself to shake her hand for a moment.

“Really? Cause he never talks about you,” I replied.

Ok, maybe it was a low hit to someone I didn’t know and never did anything to me, but I couldn’t help not liking her and it was true. Her smile faded as she looked up at Matt, disappointed and I hated myself for saying that.

“Kidding!” I laughed. “I was just kidding! Of course Matt has told me plenty about you! He never really shuts up.” I lied.

“Oh,” she laughed. “You had me scared for a bit, thinking my boyfriend was… ashamed of me or something.”

“Of course not, love,” Matt replied, taking his arm away from around me and taking his girlfriend’s hand in his.

I pushed back… the anger? Or sadness? To be honest, I didn’t know what I pushed back, but as Matt kissed her, I felt uncomfortable and… bothered. For once in my life, I was relieved when Jen appeared next to us.

“Enough face sucking! On set now. Both of you,” she ordered.

Matt kissed her one last time on the cheek before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the fake spaceship hall where we got to work.


It had been a very difficult day of rehearsal, but from what the director said, it was also my best. During the scenes we practised, I was supposed to be sad that the Doctor had rejected me for River which wasn’t hard to act out, it was exactly how I felt in real life. Matt spent his whole day when he wasn’t rehearsing, clutching onto Daisy and snoging. It made me sick to watch so I hurried out of every room they were in.

At night, I thought Daisy had left so I made my way to Matt’s trailer, but before I knocked on the door, I noticed it shaking a little. Confused, I laid my ear against the door to listen in.

And I think there, my heart broke. Terrible moaning was coming from the trailer bed room. I could hear Daisy asking for more, I could hear Matt asking her if she liked it…

I covered my mouth with my hand not to sob as I ran away from the door to his trailer, going around it all the way to mine. I slammed the door shut and threw myself onto my bed where warm tears streamed from my eyes.

There was nothing more natural but for him to have sex with his girlfriend after a long time away, but hearing it? It was too much for me, my heart couldn’t take it. I sobbed for hours, spending a sleepless night.


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