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The next morning, my head was killing me and the light was too bright, stinging my eyes. I stayed in bed for hours though I was very much awake. I just felt terrible.

Eventually, I tried to get up, but I ended up running to the small toilet where I puked my guts out for a good half an hour. I laid there on the floor, waiting for the head ache to pass when a loud knock on the door that sounded like a gun shot rang through my head with an unbearable pain.

“Wh-Who is it?” I called.

“The Doctor,” a voice answered.

“Come in,” I sighed before puking some more. “Never again…” I muttered to myself.

Matt walked in and took a look at me on the ground.

“Oh, poor thing! Drank a little too much last night, huh?” he laughed.

“Stop yelling,” I complained as I covered my ears.

“I’m not,” he smiled, but he does talk a little smoother. “Anyways, I knew you wouldn’t be feeling too well today, so I brought you some chicken noodle soup from the cafeteria. Today, I’m taking care of you.”

“That’s nice, Matt, but I don’t need-“ I was cut up by another round of puke.

I didn’t want him around all day while I was like this. Yes, I made out with Arthur, but I loved Matt. I didn’t have feelings for Arthur and I felt terrible about taking advantage of him last night.

Matt cringed and placed the soup in my mini fridge.

“Right, eating might not be the best idea. You need some rest,” he concluded.

“I’ve tried sleeping. I can’t…” I sighed.

My Iphone started to ring with a text message from my room. I groaned, no way was I going to be able to read it. Instead Matt took it upon himself to do it in my place. He walked over to my room and found in on my night stand. He walked back to the kitchen part of the trailer and sat down on the table.

“Text from… Rory? You called Arthur “Rory” in your phone?” he gave me a funny look.

“Yes and you are the Doctor,” I admitted without caring.

“Anyways. Rory says: Hello Cadence. I hope you are feeling well today after last night. I was wondering if by any chance you would like to go for diner with me Friday night?” he recited. “Cadence, I think Arthur is asking you out,” he smirked.

Oh great. This was exactly what I needed!

“What should I text back?” Matt asked.

If I said no, Matt might think it’s because I like someone else – maybe him - and if I said yes, Matt would think I like Arthur… but would it make Matt jealous? Maybe it was my only way of knowing how he felt? All this thinking wasn’t helping my head ache.

“Say yes,” I finally decided.

“Really?” he said, sounding surprise. “You like Arthur?” he added.

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy,” I said, liking his reaction. “And he has something… sexy about him,” I continued to lie.

For a moment, Matt’s expression was unreadable, but then he smiled happily.

“Cool! You two together would be awesome!” He started to text Arthur back. “How does ‘Sounds great, text me the details, baby’ sound to you?” he chuckled.

“Take out the ‘baby’, stupid,” I laughed with him before puking once again.


Friday around 7pm, I was waiting at the gate of the studio. The April air was a tad chilly. Arthur’s car appeared and I walked over to sit down in the passenger seat.

“Hey, Cadence,” he smiled. “You look really beautiful today.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, only blushing slightly.

He didn’t have the effect Matt had on me.

We drove in silence to town where he finally parked the car and leaded me into a nice restaurant – a classy one at that.

“Wow, this place is lovely,” I commented as I looked around while we were leaded to our reserved seats.

“Only the best for the best,” he replied, nodding towards me.

“That’s sweet, Arthur,” I giggled.

We ate dinner as we talked about everything and nothing, telling stories and sharing thoughts. An everyday conversation, but he never missed a chance to tell me that I was pretty and nice. He was a real gentleman as polite as every man should be, but… he wasn’t Matt. It just felt like I was out with a friend and nothing more. I would have been a lucky girl to date Arthur, he was an amazing guy, but just not the guy for me. He wasn’t corky and he was afraid to make a fool out of himself while I spent the evening making silly jokes and puns while getting weird looks by other people. He cared too much.

At the end of the evening, he drove me back to the studio and walked me back to my trailer.

“I had a lovely time,” I smiled.

“Me too. I was actually hoping we could do this again soon?” he asked hopefully.

“Oh, hum… Yeah, sure,” I agreed.

I know I was leading him on thinking I was actually interested, but I couldn’t just say no there, I would feel terrible for rejecting him.

“Great! Well, goodnight,” he added and leaned in for a kiss.

I cringed for a moment and forced myself to lean in as well. He was simple and short, nothing passionate and thank God for that. Kissing him felt so wrong unlike when I was drunk. Like… kissing a brother. Ew.

He left and I walked into my trailer to quickly brush my teeth. No, I couldn’t date Arthur, it just wouldn’t work. A moment later, someone knocked at the door.

“Come in, Doctor,” I sighed.

Matt came in and closed the door behind him, smiling.

“Really? Have I become that predictable?”

“You are basically the only one who knocks at my door besides Jen so yes, you have. To what do I own this visit?” I rolled my eyes.

“Just wanted to ask how the date went considering you didn’t invite him in for the night,” he laughed.

“It was great! Actually, I had a great time and I’m going out with him again soon,” I said to make it sound like I was really into Arthur.

“Oh that’s great then. I’m really happy for you two.”

Don’t be! My mind yelled. Be angry and jealous! Tell me you hate seeing me with him! Tell me you want to be the one I date!

“Thank you,” I smiled.


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