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-6 months later-

I woke up the sun brightly shining through the thin curtains, stinging my eyes. I cursed as I rolled up to hid my face, but either way, I was awake and I could never fall back asleep in this light.

            I forced myself out of bed and I looked out the window to see the perfectly clear blue water of the ocean. I smiled to myself as I put a bathrobe on and left my room in the rented beach house. I walked down the stairs to see my Stacy preparing eggs while Arthur had his arms around her waist and was kissing her neck, making her giggle.

It was a weird sight, but I smiled widely at them. I brought Stacy over to a private party where she saw Arthur again and they have been together ever since, four months in all – Stacy’s longest relationship ever. Arthur forgave me and told me that he realized that he was never really in love me, he just loved the thought of being with me which is different. Now, he’s completely over me and actually in love with my lovely little sister.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Stacy greeted me. “Eggs?” she offered.

“Yes please!” I answered.

“So, where your man at right now?” Arthur asked.

“Don’t know, not there when I woke up,” I shrugged.

“Not scared he’s out picking up Californian chicks?” Stacy laughed as she handed me a plate of hot scrambled eggs that I placed on the counter.

“Not the slightest,” I said, taking a bite of my breakfast.

I suddenly heard a scream from the patio that startled us all.

“What the Hell was what?” Arthur asked.

“That sounded like-“ Stacy started.

“MATT!” I screamed, panicking as I ran to the patio, I pushed the glass door to see no one was there. “Matt?”

I heard a faint coughing and groan of pain.

“Down here…” he said and I walked over to the side of the patio where the sound was coming from to see him laying in the sand on his back.

He looked like he was in quite a bit of pain, but he didn’t fall from too high. I ran down the stairs, skipping many steps, and kneeled down next to him. He grimaced in pain while he slowly sat up.

“How in the world did you manage to fall?” I laughed, seeing he was fine.

“I was… trying to get a good view of the beach over the fence,” he admitted, showing his now broken camera he was holding in one hand.

“So you stood up on the rail? You’re an idiot,” I smiled, shaking my head.

“Maybe,” he sighed as he looked over his camera with a sad look.

“Hey, it doesn’t matter,” I said, taking it out of his hands. “We’ll get you another one.”

“But you gave me that one for my birthday. I’m so sorry, Cadence,” he replied, looking sad and apologetic.

“Is he ok?” Stacy called from up on the patio.

“Yeah, he’s fine,” I assured her and the couple walked back to the kitchen with nothing more to say.

“Look, I don’t care. I’m just glad you’re ok. You scared me for a moment, sweetheart.”

And I pulled him in into a hug, holding him tightly. And hugged me back and pulled away, looking into my eyes. He brushed a lock of my hair out of my face and leaned in to kiss me passionately. No cameras filming us, no lines to recite from memory, no directors to tell us were aren’t doing it right. Just something to be shared between the two of us.


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