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My excitement a little toned down a bit after that unpleasant meeting of my hero. Jenifer showed me a few more things like the prop room – I was tempted to pick up the Doctor’s pocket watch from when he was turned into a human, but was warned not to touch anything.

Ending with the cafeteria where I would eat three meals a day, we found Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – aka Amy and Rory. My hopes for them to be different than Matt were very slim. So, septic, Jenifer and I walked over to their table where they were enjoying lunch. Karen looked up at Jenifer and sighed.

“What now, Jen? I’m not due on set for another hour,” she complained.

“Now, now, Karen,” she rolled her eyes. “This is Cadence Hill. She will be the Doctor’s new companion after you leave,” she introduced me to her.

Her slightly annoyed expression turned into a lovely smile once she looked up at me.

“Oh! Hello, Cadence! I’m Karen,” she said warmly. “Welcome to Doctor Who, you’ll love it here.”

“Well, I’m done here. Cadence, you’ll be getting your script for the 5th episode tomorrow morning, bright and early at the front desk,” Jenifer said sharply and left.

I nodded my head and turned back to Karen and Arthur. Karen was surely much nicer than Matt and she seemed like a great person. Arthur on the other hand seemed a little quiet as he smiled to me. I didn’t really know what to do or where to go.

“Sit with us, Cadence?” Karen offered sweetly.

“Thank you,” I beamed and sat down in the chair next to her. “So, is it me or do you not really like Jenifer?” I asked.

“She’s a bitch,” she said honestly. “She nags us all the time as if she was some sort of nanny. Plus, she has it out for me since my first day of filming, I got lost. She’s the one that makes sure we are where we should be at every hour. Don’t get on her bad side,” she warned.

“Oh, thank you then. I’ll be sure to stay on time.”

I turned to Arthur who was casually eating his sandwich.

“Hello,” I smiled to him, trying to pull him into the conversation.

“Hey. I’m Arthur,” he smiled.

“Yeah, I know that,” I chuckled a bit.

“Cadence, tell us a little about yourself. I want to know if I’m being properly replaced,” Karen said.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say replaced. I don’t think any of the companions were replaced. I think it’s more like taking turns. Your turn, sadly, is ending and mine is starting. I can only hope I’m half the companion you were,” I admitted.

“Interesting, I like your way of seeing things,” Arthur nodded.

“Yeah, I just kind of wish mine wasn’t ending… I mean, I love it here. I’ve spent the best 3 years of my life with these people,” she gestured to the crew around us. “But it would be selfish of me to stay any longer and deny someone else a chance at this amazing experience.”

“Definitely, same here,” he agreed.

I thought about what she just said. I was the Doctor’s new companion, but I wasn’t going to be forever. One day, I’ll have to let some other egger young woman have a try. I wonder how I’ll feel when I’ll leave… Maybe I’ll hate it here and be happy it’s over, maybe I’ll be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do…

We chatted some more for a long time until Jenifer arrived and sternly warned Karen and Arthur about having to be in makeup in 5 minutes. I went my way, going to my car to carry my heavy luggage to my new trailer and settling down to make it homier.

In mid session for sticking pictures of my sister and I on our trip to Germany, I was startled by a knock on the door. I moved the curtain a tad to see Matt waiting out in the cold.

My eyes widened with surprise. I reached the handle and opened to the door to him.

“Hello,” he smiled.

“Hello,” I said a little coldly.

“May I come in? The weather is terrible outside,” he asked politely.

I nodded and moved aside to let him into my new home. He looked around at my wall of photos very intrigues.

“This is lovely. Three years here and never did I think of decorating my trailer! I don’t think Karen or Arthur had either. Oh well, I love it, makes it seem much more like a home than a trailer,” he commented.

“Thank you,” I smiled a little.

“I came to say sorry for earlier. I know first impressions count and I didn’t make an excellent one. It’s that I was running late, because my pants button broke while I was getting in costume and Gloria, the costume lady, is a monster when it comes to breaking clothes. I got an ear full from her and was a tad cranky. I was very impolite to you and I apologies. I hope it doesn’t stain the way you see me, because I’m not like that,” he explained.

I thought for a second about what he said and I didn’t find it hard at all to forgive him. I guess I didn’t want to see him as a prick, that’s why it was so easy to believe that he really was a nice guy.

“Its fine, Matt. I knew you couldn’t possibly be such a jerk,” I teased.

“Ouch! I thought I was impolite, not a jerk,” he pretended to be insulted which made me laugh. “And with that, I would like to welcome you to Doctor Who. I’m sure you’ll be a pleasure to work with. Also, my trailer is right next door if you need anything,” he smiled warmly.

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to working with you,” I returned to the compliment.

He opened the door to leave.

“It’s Cadence, you know,” I said.

“What?” he gave me an odd look.

“Earlier, you called me Casey. My name is Cadence,” I pointed out.

“Oh, well, nice to meet you, Cadence,” he nodded and left my trailer.


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