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I sat alone in my small apartment in the heart of London as I rewatched series 5 of Doctor Who for the billionth time. Was I obsessed with the show? Depends on what obsessed is to you. I just call it doing what I love.

I paused on the exact moment the Doctor walked out of the shower, naked in the episode “The Lodger”. I starred at the screen for a moment, admiring his physic before letting the show continue.

Wait, I don’t think I properly introduced myself! Better do it now before we jump into my story, right?

Alright, let’s start with my name, Cadence Hill. Not the best name in the world, nothing special. I’m 25 years old. Family? Mother and father – obviously, or I wouldn’t exist – younger sister named Stacy – she can’t wait to be a mom to sing “Stacy’s mom” all day – and that’s it. Oh, wait! Can’t forget the pets, they’re family too! You’ve got Hotdog, my wiener dog, TARDIS the cat and Goldy the goldfish. I know, I’m a genius with names! That was sarcastic by the way… As for what I looked like, I’m a little below average height, but I wouldn’t consider myself short. I’m a pretty thin, but not skinny. I have a great pair of boobs – just thought I’d throw that in there. I have kind of curly normal brown hair and my favorite thing about me are my eyes that are dark blue, but gets a lot lighter closer to the pupil.

Now, I hated it when people ask me what I do for a living, because at the time, I didn’t have a job exactly. I say I’m an actress and then the questioning of what I’ve done and never would I admit doing the before in an acne cream commercial! Of course, it was makeup, I have flawless skin. But still. I was paid a pretty penny for the job and it’s been paying half of my rent. The other half was a generous donation for the Bank of Parents.

Unlike so many other parents when their daughter announces wanting to be an actress, they were completely supportive and even found me an agent! Not the best agent, I haven’t had a job in almost a year, but I looked on the bright side. I will admit to them spoiling me a little, but my father worked as a CEO of a small London company. Nothing huge, but he had a nice salary.

The episode ended and I went to the menu to select the next one when my Iphone started to vibrate in my pocket. Rarely did I receive calls since I wasn’t the most popular girl in London and I only had one really close friend that happened to be my sister and we usually texted. I saw my agent’s name on the screen and sighed. What pathetic excuse for not getting me an audition did he have this time?

“Hey, Jerry. What is it this time?” I said, duly.

“Brighten up, Cadence! I’ve got excellent news for you!” his voice sounded excited and joyful.

He got my attention. I paused the episode of Doctor Who I just started and sat up.

“Yes…?” I asked, wanting him to elaborate.

“I’ve got you an audition! A big one at that! Rarely do these things even allow someone who’s never acted in a show actually try out, but I did it!”

“Damn! You did? What’s the show? Give me details!” I said, almost jumping in the couch.

“Long story short, its show and they are looking for a regular! A lead role if you’d like. It’s sci-fi and I know you love Doctor Who. It’s called ‘De Luna’ and the character you’ll be playing is Joann Perkins. It’s a BBC show,” he expanded.

I was now standing on my couch, listening to every word he spoke with utter concentration.

“I’ll bring the script to your flat tomorrow around noon. Learn it and don’t let me down! The audition is next week, I’ll give you details when I see you,” he concluded and hung up.

A lead role! On a sci-fi television show! That was sure to get myself some attention in the media. This time next year, I’ll be a breakout actress, making my way on the red carpet! I could see it in my mind. My dreams were coming true…

I started going through my contacts to tell Stacy, but as it started to ring, I quickly hung up. I couldn’t tell her, I might jinks it! And besides, if I didn’t get the part, she’d be disappointed. No, I was keeping this a secret until I was sure 100% the part was mine!

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