Chapter Twenty Seven

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When I had my rounds of chemo in the past, I never lost my hair. Usually, it's a very common side effect of the chemo. But not for me. Unfortunately, I instead had loads of throat problems. Soreness and infection always attacked my throat, and it sucked.

So, instead of going to school on Monday morning I was indeed stuck in bed unable to eat without pain. That also sucks, because I love to eat.

Blake seemed okay after I left the cinema when the movie ended. It was unusual, seeing a teenage boy cry like that. He must've loved her, but I had no idea. I didn't have any info on their relationship at all. Maybe it should stay that way. The other guys seemed as shocked as I was, but they were absolutely clueless as to what to do.

Well, now I wished I had bought more ice cream. I had just run out, and you can never have enough ice cream. I didn't just want more, I needed it.

Weirdly, I had noticed that I had lost weight. Which was not a good thing, since I was happy with my weight. This was also another common side effect of mine, weight loss. So, I decided that from now on I would just eat ice cream all day. Good plan? Yes.

Then I thought of Amber, who had struggled with body image. Was she doing okay? I had no idea. She usually hung with the soccer team, who I hadn't talked to in forever. Guilt washed over me, I was letting the team down. I then made another decision, that I was going to try and at least support my team if I couldn't play.

But that would have to start tomorrow, or at least until my throat got better, because now I had some TV shows to binge.

>< >< ><

I heard the door downstairs open, so I assumed my parents were home. I got up and went downstairs in my tiger onesie. My mum and dad were downstairs, discarding their work papers and files. They seemed rushed, and it was strange.

"What's going on?" I inquired, leaning against the rail on the stairs. They didn't glance up, but my mother sighed.

"Christen overdosed. He's in hospital now," she quickly said, running into her room to change. I almost fell off the stairs, and my jaw dropped a little.

"What?" I questioned out loud, but I wasn't waiting for an answer. I ran upstairs and changed into some shorts and a T-shirt with some science pun on it.

When I went back downstairs, they were grabbing their keys. We were all out the door within seconds, and silence engulfed the car immediately as we left. It was a pretty short trip, and no one said anything anyway.

We had calmed down a bit, but we still wanted to get there as quickly as possible. Christen may had done a lot of shitty things in the past, he definitely had, but we were family and it was in the past. I'd known him my whole life, and I was worried even if he had been a huge asshole to me at times.

We went to the reception where the ladies told us the number of the room that Christen was being held in. We took an elevator to the correct floor, and within minutes we were standing outside of his door. My aunt, Christen's mother, was sitting inside clutching her boy's hand.

She noticed us, stood up, wiping her cheeks, and came outside. "He's in a critical condition, they don't know if he'll make it." Her voice cracked, and I could tell that she was biting back a sob.

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